Back To School Shopping: Community-Style

You know it is “back to school” time when you can feel the anxiety and excitement in the air. It is the time of year where parents of high school and college students fork out all the dough they have from summer to make sure their child has what he or she needs. Well sometimes you need that little thing that takes the edge off. Although that might sounds like a drug addiction, we’re actually talking about another habit forming activity – gaming. Here are the top sports games that you need this year in your school supply bag.

3. NBA 2k11

Although this game won’t even come out until October, NBA 2k11 is guaranteed to be a must-have. The first reason is that the great one himself Michael Jordan is on the cover. It will be a major selling point that you can play with the best player in NBA history and play against the stacked team of the Miami heat, especially if you’re from Cleveland. Wouldn’t you love to hit a fade away jump shot in Lebron’s face and then take it to the hole and posterize Chris Bosh? If you’re not into that you could even play as that evil Miami team or any other team you want. The renovated control system should allow for better ball control and make the game play and graphics smoother and better. Also, the franchise added more signature moves so Lebron will be an even more powerful dunker, Kobe can step back and put one in your eye and Derek Rose can spin around you making an incredible layup. 2K also has some of the best franchise modes. So, if you’re in the mindset to waste some time there is nothing more fun than an extended franchise with one or more of your friends. Just be prepared to burn that midnight oil on something other than that essay.

2. Madden 11

Madden is the most anticipated sports release in the United States. It is so popular ESPN even ran shows about the best Madden players in the country. With the NFL running its “back to football” campaign to match the back to school timeframe, the game just screams to be in your book bag. The franchise mode has been expanded, game play has become smoother thanks to gameflow and everything about this game has been made sleek and easy. Now Madden games take less time and you can still put up a bunch of points like a normal NFL game. Franchise mode and Superstar mode are also are less time consuming, allowing you to play in the downtime between classes. Many colleges and high schools even have Madden tournaments, and what could be better than beating down your friends on the gird iron and taking a bounty of jerseys, prize money and pride back with you?

1. FIFA 11

On September 28, 2010, the world will have the next installment of FIFA. Since the World Cup this summer it is clear the USA has soccer fever. There is nothing more competitive than playing a game of FIFA with your friends. Usually this game is only for soccer fanatics and other such hooligans. Now that America has found the spark it’s time to fasten our seatbelts to endure hours of vuvusela ruckus, wild crosses, exceptional ball control and scorching, intense goals. New to this year’s FIFA is the “ultimate team” feature which allows you to win cards of all the top players across the world and play online against other people with a melting pot of players. If you’re lucky you will get a pack that includes players like Rooney, Buffon, Gerard, Drogba, Eto’o, Donavan, Lampard, Torres and Ronaldo. FIFA also has a high level of customizability and a great franchise mode where you can manage a club, play for a club and even make your own national team. This may not be the dream of many Americans yet but I think it is starting to take hold.


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