Making Your Old Games Fun Again: Counter-Strike: Source

With the current beta release of the “new” CS:S, I felt it was necessary to write about how to make this classic game fun again.

THE LOWDOWN:  Besides the core gameplay (Hostage/Bomb) there were a bunch of gameplay variations that gave the game quite a bit of variety besides the runnin’ and gunnin’. Many varied on the objective such as Death Run which had you running through an obstacle course that was constantly being “attacked” by a few terrorists whose only goal was to stop and kill the Counter-Terrorists whose goal was to reach the end and kill their attackers. Surf was another fun type, a very simple concept that was very fun; surf maps had you “surf” (pressing against an angled surface to gain speed) on a “wave” so you could gain speed to make jumps or zip around obstacles. Another good variation was Climb maps, very simple in nature but VERY fun. Your goal in this is to make it to the end of the map while making tricky jumps such as crouch jumping and corner hopping.

THE DRAW:  Many “hardcore” CS:S players poke fun at the people who play these maps. They don’t realize that in playing these maps you are actually training yourself. In Death Run you avoid obstacles which in turn, helps you avoid “pitfalls” in any normal map. Climb maps can train you on finding terrain that doesn’t look passable, but could possibly lead to a spot otherwise impossible to reach. Surf maps train you on your aim, moving at such high speeds and aiming is a difficult task, so if you can pull off a headshot here I’m pretty sure your ready for a nice crouching shot. While training is always a nice draw, the main draw is just the plain simple fun of it all, also reaching the end of these maps is a very satisfying feeling.

THE NITTY GRITTY:  I can get onto CS:S right now and find a Death Run or Surf server that is filled with people still having a good time. While the server dynamic for Surf servers have changed to being mostly dumbass WC3 servers that basically destroyed all the fun of what surfing was. Its hard to find a good Surf server that retains the original concept of what it actually was, skill and fun instead of just killing everyone you see… which comes after the skill and fun in the original servers. Death Run has remained the same: changing anything would ruin the gameplay. I did once see a WC3 server for death run and it was an abortion. Unless you like mindlessly smashing your head against a wall, there was just no fun to be had. Death Run is about thinking through your moves five moves before you make them, timing your moves and faking out your would be killer. Death Run is about skill and cunning and its so satisfying tricking your enemy and making it to the end where you will be able to now kill your attackers. Climb sadly is basically non-existent, it is a very rare occasion to find a server that still runs climb maps and have it populated. Even so, climb maps are a test of ones own skill and having someone there to help you, while still fun, gets rid of any “skill” that would be necessary to complete it. Most climb servers impliment some sort of checkpoint or save system in case of accidental death, so you don’t have to start over from the beggining. Another thing most Death Run, Surf and Climb servers implement a “no block” system which makes everyone like a ghost, unable to run into each other and making a griefing blocker go away crying.

THE VERDICT:  Yet again, verdict is pretty straight forward, as long as you have the game, they give you a little variety for your CS:S pleasure. Make sure to check these maps out the next time you dust off this old monster and have some good fun. Thank you for reading, and have a fancy day.


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