Trailer Trash: Devil May Cry 5 (Response to Backlash)

Hey guys! Long time no read eh? Well it’s time to bring a new series here to The Community called Trailer Trash, where I’ll be responding to recent trailers.

So let’s get right into it. This past week was the Tokyo Game Show and everyone has been buzzing about a few certain games. In particular I’m going to talk about  DmC or Devil May Cry 5. Anyone who loves video games has to at least have heard of Dante from the Devil May Cry series. It was made famous by Capcom when in 2001 he burst onto the scene with Devil May Cry 1. The mastermind behind this game, Hideki Kamiya, has given the manga series #mce_temp_url# credit for inspiring Dante’s personality, but here I am rambling so i’ll get to the reason we’re here.

It was announced at the Tokyo Game Show that internal development of the Devil May Cry series has been given up by Capcom to the company “Ninja Theory” with some people from Capcom contributing (clearly). For anyone wondering who Ninja Theory is, they’re the company who developed the game “Heavenly Sword”. Now Here’s the trailer that everyone has been buzzing about…

Okay so we first start off with a quote.

“Heaven and Hell dispose of two distinct species of men, The good and the bad.

But the greatest part of mankind float betwist vice and virtue” ~ David Hume

So after that we get a narrator talking about a subject being ready for psychoevaluation treatment. Trying to figure out his name. It ends up being good ol’ Dante. And he partakes in possibly some of the coolest shit possible. Between burning a cigarette into an enemy’s head and then filling the rest with lead, I couldn’t decide what was more badass. The asylum thing is a bit tricky to get a grasp on but it’s Dante after all. The guy is sick. The only thing that really bugs me about this is that it seems to me that there will be two Dantes…which is very, very odd. I’m not doubting Ninja Theory, but it is a bit…odd? I guess i’ll leave it at that. Dante looks like he’s got a new whip/polearm type sword…thing? He’s still got his guns and over-badassery. So if you ask me the game looks promising. Now lets get into the backlash over it.

Dante’s hair has always been white…correct? Yeah it has been. So they clearly changed his hair color to black with a hint of white…where is the problem in this? This is like the people complaining about Sonic 4 because Sonic’s legs are too long, or that Resident Evil 5 is racist because it’s set in Africa. Sonic’s legs are fine, and RE5 isn’t racist because it’s set in Africa. I won’t say DMC Fans are worse than Sonic Fans…but they’re proving to be pretty damn close.  The game looks to be full of badassery. I see no problems with it.

As for the trailer, it kept me in suspense…but the two Dantes just doesn’t fit for me…

Excite-O-Meter: 90%


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