Let’s Talk Games: Why I Agree With Bobby Kotick (sometimes)

Bobby Kotick, for anyone who does not know, is the CEO of Activision/Blizzard. He probably receives the more hate than anyone else in the gaming industry because his decisions are all for the sake of profit and don’t keep the gamers in mind. I’ll give my opinion flat out and fast; he’s a CEO, so he should be all about profit for the companies he manages, he should just not voice his views to the general public. They should be discussed behind closed doors and released via press releases so the company takes the damage, not its CEO.

Anyway, Kotick’s most recent “bad idea” is the sale of CGI cut scenes. For example: Kotick would have the Starcraft 2 CGI team create a few fill-in movies for the playable part of the game, then wrap them up with the movies already in Starcraft 2 and sell for around 30$ to people as a “Starcraft movie”.

I would love to own the CGI sections of Starcraft 2 in MP4 format for my own entertainment. They clearly have a lot of work put into them and therefore look amazing. Other than for myself, I would probably show them to other people to try and convince them to buy the game so they can play multiplayer with me. I am a firm believer in selling games by word of mouth and, in this case, I would have a bit of the game in my pocket to help convince them.

However, some parts of his idea are ridiculous. First; creating content that is unseen by the people who actually bought the game for the 60$ price tag. That is pure undercutting of your primary consumer, and completely unacceptable. Also, a 30$ price tag is quite ridiculous. I would probably drop 1~5$ on something like this. Finally, calling it a “Starcraft movie” would undoubtedly put the Internet into an uproar but, it’s pretty obvious Kotick doesn’t care.

So all in all, Kotick is still nuts, but I want some shiny cut scenes for my entertainment.


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