Trailer Trash — Bioshock Infinite

I was jumping out of my seat when I found out there was going to be another Bioshock. These games are like cocaine to me, and I don’t even play them! I usually find someone willing to let me watch over their shoulder just so I can follow along with the incredibly twisted stories and experience the incredible environment designs. But enough about that, let’s get into this ten-minute look at the newest addition to the franchise!

It never fails to amaze, the incredible care taken to establish immersive environments in these Bioshock games. I was in love with everything about Rapture (you know, save the slavering genetic mistakes running around trying to carve you up) but I’m more than happy to see the game has taken on a new setting. It seems that while Andrew Ryan was exploring the depths of the world’s oceans, society at large had the opposite idea; taking to the skies in giant skyscrapers suspended by massive hot air balloon rigs. Despite Ryan’s insistence that Rapture had claimed the best of the best of the world’s scientific minds, the world topside has done pretty well for itself. Art Deco seems to have given way to a more “Steampunk” style. By that I mean the clothing and mannerisms of the people portrayed in the trailer don’t seem to mesh chronologically with a society that has developed a mechanical horse driven by steam. Of course.

We are quickly introduced to a new plasmid, one that creates a swarm of biting, clawing ravens. Cool. Then after a brief, unexplained altercation, our character uses a sort of arm-mounted hook to use a rail-system to careen wildly across the vast empty chasm’s between floating buildings and platforms. The rush is tangible; rare for a videogame and enough to make me hope this is very much a part of the standard gameplay, because I could do it all day.

After some running and gunning I can only assume is meant to show off the Telekinesis plasmid and its various uses, we come to what I found to be the most exciting part of the trailer. Another friendly plasmid user, Elizabeth, is introduced. Together the pair unleash “combos” of plasmids for devastating effects. This was honestly the most important part of the trailer for me, since it hints at a deepening of gameplay that a series should really develop by this point. We see the two protagonists double team a gang of rowdy bar patrons by unleashing a lightning storm on them, as well as dispatching another group of baddies by forming some sort of superheated mass of slag from mundane metal items lying around.

Hopefully that’s enough spice to keep the gameplay interesting, because the bad guys we come across don’t seem like anything new. There’s the classic brooding metal beast, a cross between a Big Daddy and Frankenstein’s Monster, but our hero seems to dispatch it by simply pumping it full of lightning and shotgun shells. This was decidedly “meh” to me, but it took me a long time to reach that decision because everything was just so beautiful!

In short, I’m excited, and if you were at all a fan of the first two installments, you probably should be too


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