The PSMove: Some Props, Some Flops

Got my hands on the PlayStation Move. Consider this a review of the move tech, and just generalizations on the software, as they are mostly demos that come with the Sports Champions starter pack (I already had a PS Eye for Eye of Judgement, but the extra $5ish was nothing for back up tech and a wicked demo disc.)

Echochrome 2(demo): I played the demo for the first Echocrome and couldn’t really get into it. This one has you controlling shadows to make a path for your… mannequin? Anyway, it’s a puzzle game and the shadow effect is cool and even cooler when you make hidden “art” with the shadows, but overall, I didn’t really find it that interesting. I don’t tend to enjoy puzzle games and this one barely held me. No major problems with the Move controller.

Beat Sketcher(demo): Cool, but has that whole amazingly powerful creation tool that I will never have the time to master (see: Little Big Planet.) You pick a color, a brush type, and a sound byte to go along with what you draw. I got bored easy and felt like there was too much work put into a thing that was just supposed to make your drawings “come alive” with sound. I’m sure talented people can make amazing things with this software, but I’m not interested in working to make it happen for myself. I felt like I was reaching to get the edges of my screen with my brush, but probably user error during calibration.

Tumble(demo): One of the more promising demos. You try and create the biggest tower you can, with a few other challenges like setting explosives on pre-built towers. The physics were great and I enjoyed screwing around with the provided blocks. I was only annoyed by the way the player picks up the blocks. Imagine a move control, then a giant laser coming straight out of the bulb on top, you point it at a block, pull the trigger, and it snaps to the tip of your controller… 3ish inches from the top of your hand, which made it extremely awkward, at least for me, to maneuver the blocks, which was a big let down. I would have preferred a set up where you physically place your on-screen controller representation into a block then press the trigger to hold it. I believe it would have felt more natural, therefore easier to use and accomplish goals. I will definitely be picking up the full version of this despite the iffy control scheme.

R.U.S.E. (Move enabled demo): They claimed Move was going to revolutionize console RTS’, and if it does, this is an absolutely terrible example. I also played the PC demo for this one, and plan on buying it once it gets a little cheaper. Everything is just slower with the move controller in hand. Selecting units, giving orders, scrolling, the whole shebang was awkward with the Move. I still prefer a keyboard and mouse to the move controller, and it will take a very good Move control scheme to change my mind.

Sports Champions; Disc Golf: Disc golf is pretty fun, you definitely get a push in the right direction, I could never throw a Frisbee 300 yards this accurately. The courses are nice, and the Move controller is very good at recognizing your throw and whether or not you want to throw the disc straight, curved, upside down, whatever.

Sports Champions; Archery: Archery has the option to use two Move controllers, and I only have one, so I don’t feel I got the full experience. Aiming with one controller is awkward and two controllers seems like it would be easier to set the power of your shot. Looking forward to getting a second controller so I can play archery to it’s fullest.

Sports Champions; Volleyball: Volleyball also allows the use of two Move controllers. However, it was very good at recognizing the different volleyball moves, set, bump, spike, and block, with just one controller. Volleyball was also one of the more realistic sports champions games, it was a challenge to aim the ball correctly to get points, reflecting my awful volleyball abilities in real life.

Sports Champions; Bocce: Bocce is a very prominent party game at my house, but you might not be familiar with it. The first player throws a smaller ball down the court and the other players attempt to get their own bocce balls close to the small ball to score points. The move controller is extremely precise in bocce. You can spin the ball, curve it, and the move controller reads how hard you throw the ball quite well, creating a fantastic bocce experience.

Sports Champions; Table Tennis: Suffers the same fate as Wii Tennis “If I had a real ping pong paddle in my hand, this ball would be in freaking Alaska.” The player is given extremely generous chance to get the ball onto the other side of the table very easily. It’s entertaining, but very reminiscent of Wii tennis, just ping pong style.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm(demo): I personally love rail shooters. When I go to arcades I usually pour all my money into Time Crisis the entire time I’m there, so my review is a tad biased. Accurate, fun, and I didn’t lose all my quarters playing it over and over again. The move control is a decent substitute for a light gun, responsive and not too heavy, and I am definitely picking up the full game when I get the chance.

Sports Champions; Gladiator: This is the penultimate reason to get a Move, in my opinion. It also allows the use of two motion controllers, and I will probably buy another just to be a true gladiator. The damage system is great, based on the place you hit your opponent and how hard you are slashing or stabbing with the controller. Blocking is easy enough with one controller, and I’m sure it’s even better with two. Even if the cheesy graphics and lack of gore does not impress you, the future of the play type with the Move controller will. The camera angle is exactly the same as Demon’s Souls, one of the greatest PlayStation 3 games. With a navigation controller for movement, and the weapon types, abilities and level system of Demon’s soul and the damage and blocking system of Sports Champions: Gladiator would make the greatest game of all time…

In my opinion. Thanks for reading,



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