Trailer Trash: Shadows of the DAMNED

Background info
“Shadows of the Damned” is a new game in the works by SUDA51 (“No More Heroes” and head of Grasshopper Manufacture) and Shinji Mikami (“Resident Evil” and “Viewtiful Joe”).  The two have reportedly had an interest in working together since they collaborated on “killer7.”

Yes, DAMNED is always on caps lock

According to SUDA the game will run on the Unreal Engine 3 and incorporate punk elements into an overall horror style.  SUDA has also said composer Akira Yamaoka will be doing sound for the game. As of May, SUDA has stated that the project is currently half completed.

The guns look to have a skull theme to them, which I highly approve of.

The game
The main character is Garcia Hotspur, a young man who enters the City of the Damned (where demons known as “neighbors” dwell) to try and save his love; Paula (who oddly enough, is reported as being nude throughout the game. No idea why…she just is). In order to do this, Garcia has a former demon (which looks to be a floating skull doused in red flames) aiding him as an array of firearms in order to defeat the neighbors.

Though never in a good view, you do see the former demon helping you.

The neighbors themselves look like blue skeletons with glowing red eyes, though the trailer shows other enemies will be appearing in order to keep Garcia from saving Paula. The world in which you play looks to be a large, mostly abandoned city with plenty of areas for enemies to dwell.

These are the kind of neighbors that make you move.

As a fan of SUDA51’s “No More Heroes” series (I’m also currently searching for killer7), I was excited to hear that he had a new game in development. SUDA’s games have an interesting appeal to them that can catch the interest of gamers.

Garcia Hotspur seems like he'll have a rough look to him, but ready to save Paula.

And working with Shinji Mikami (though I have never played the “Resident Evil” series) will certainly help make the appearance of the neighbors as well as the world itself more unique and chilling.

Other opponents look more unique and angrier.

Though the game isn’t due until the summer of 2011, the fact that those working on it are avoiding discussing the game shows that it certainly has something that they want to surprise players with upon playing. Coming out for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this summer “Shadows of the DAMNED” looks like a game that aims to please.


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