WoW Patch 4.0: An Opinion

For me, like most others, WoW patch time is a bittersweet sensation. I know there is new and exciting content on the way, but there’s always a lingering feeling of… “doom,” I suppose. I have been playing WoW for a very long time now, and it seems with every patch after the Burning Crusade has been released hasn’t been very fulfilling. Pre-BC patches were exciting and new. They released major content updates, one example being patch 1.12 which introducing a revamped PvP system and the PvP armor that started it all. But after the expansion, eh… new dungeons, nerfs, buffs, we know the drill. At first it was nice; a new dungeon with every major patch is good stuff, but it wore thin. Dungeons seemed rushed and weren’t very memorable as something like Naxxramas Pre-BC. But one thing I have always enjoyed are the patches right before an expansion. These patches offer an abundance of content including the always popular pre-expansion events. For any lore fanatic such as myself they are quite a spectacle.

This most recent patch was built to support the new expansion with talents, glyphs and the sort. Pre-expansion events have yet to be done except for a few things such as Garrosh being sworn as the new Warcheif of the Horde. Blizzard also added earthquakes, giving you a sense of the looming destruction Azeroth is going to suffer. That having been said, lets get into the major stuff: my opinion on the revamped talents, glyphs, and attributes.

GLYPHS: The glyph system has been changed significantly so that glyphs now work like skills. You learn the glyph which will stick with you permanently, a huge change from buying glyphs over and over due to respecs. A new glyph tier – “Prime” – has been added. The Prime glyphs are for your main skills; they increase damage, threat output, healing, etc. Major glyphs are for the more random skills that may be tossed out once or twice an encounter, nothing big. Minor glyphs remain mostly the same, something to reduce a cooldown on a skill or increase its duration. My opinion: it’s a nice change. The glyph system has never been a favorite of mine, but they are taking a step in the right direction by making it simple, effective, and good for inscriptionists who were starting to doubt their choice.

TALENTS: Ahhh, the biggy. You all groan, you all moan: “The new talents suck!” I hear it in my nightmares. The talents have had a massive overhaul; let’s get started shall we? Talents before were learned throughout the tree itself, and you were able to fuss about a bit, try out some random combos of talents, it was great to see the random concoctions people brewed up with their talent tree. Well Blizzard slapped the talents across the face and made them act straight, you now have to devote yourself to a single tree before you are able to mess around with the other trees, and by mess around I mean you get 5 talent points to put where you please. After you sell your soul to your talent tree, you are granted bonuses based on your level and skills, and finally at 80 your mastery. Mastery can increase the duration of your spells, increase the damage, and have many other effects. Mastery rating we’ll cover below, so just wait a second people and bare with it! Now for my opinion: Good lord are these talents wacked. OH YEAH!! I’m bitching about them too! The tree looks like it was carved from the retarded stump of the pet talents for hunters, then slapped with “bonuses” to make your choice “worthwhile”. The devotion to a single tree is a nice concept but is ruined by requiring 5 points to get to the next level, you are basically forced to put points in a talent you would otherwise avoid. This needs to be refined a bit more and maybe it will be acceptable. I should stop bitching though, my DPS has gone up a lot since the patch…

ATTRIBUTES: If your an oldie such as myself, you remember the good ‘ol days where armor penetration, hit rating, crit rating, etc. were either non-existent or rare to find on an item. Now you can’t pick up an item that doesn’t have it, and sometimes, you need to use a worthless haste rating because the strength may be a bit better…well fear no more! The BEST thing to come from this patch, Reforging, is the genius offspring middle child in a family of Billy Bobs and Mary Janes. What is reforging you ask? If you are, why are you reading this, do you even play WoW? DO YOU!? *Pulls out Ashkandi* TELL ME THE TRUTH!! Ahem, sorry, got a little crazy. Visit the reforging master in one of your main cities and blam, you are now able to swap out certain stats (Haste, Crit, Spirit etc.) for a different stat of your choice; you can even put mastery on your items that currently no item is built with. Worried about losing hit rating to pick up an upgrade to crit chance? FEAR NO MORE MR. INDECISIVE!! Swap some of your crit for the hit rating you lost. Swapping out for Mastery seems to be the best choice due to the fact that your Mastery has such a HUGE affect on your talents making you much more useful and less failtastic. My opinion? You guessed it: fantastic! The reforging system is just a small addition but it has a huge effect on the game.



Resilience now only reduces extra damage, no longer reducing drains and crits. Some people are finding this new form of PvP chaos, but any old WoW player remembers how it felt being one-shotted by that mage who popped who instant cast Pyroblast and floated down from LM to Blacksmith while we were defending. New players, welcome to Vanilla, when PvP was actually FUN. Don’t tell me you don’t get satisfaction out of laying a nasty 15k crit on that mage you’ve been hunting down, or smacking that rogue into oblivion with a 20k crit instead of a flimsy 5k crit. The new (or old) PvP is more fun, faster paced and the new honor system is streamlined for more abundant PvP rewards.

ANOTHER NEW CHALLENGER… Ok, I just forgot this one and remembered it now… I’ll keep it short… I promise… punch and pie after… maybe… probably not. I’ll keep it short.

JUSTICE POINTS: It’s the honor system with PvE, get used to it. (see, I told you I’d keep it short <3)

So my opinion on the new content: it’s a mixed bag. The talents need work, the Justice Point system is nothing big, PvP is fun again, Reforging is the tits, and Glyphs are now massively more expensive. It’s a patch that brought some new things to the table, and revisited some of the old, and all told it’s a good patch. Thanks for reading, as always. This is Clovenhoof, making your games fun again one medicated patch at a time.



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