Fallout New Vegas Review

I absolutely loved Fallout 3, and to my dismay I’ve never had the chance to play any other of the games in the Fallout series. I put about 200 hours into the PS3 version of Fallout 3 then got it for PC so I could mod. That got me another 300 hours out of the game.

So far I have 20+ hours invested in New Vegas, and I feel a little weird reviewing a game this big this early, but it already has me hooked. I haven’t suffered from any thing worse than I did in Fallout 3 save the occasional crash which I believe is probably my the fault of my year old hardware.

Anyway, the game is basically Fallout 3 with the best mods installed and a huge content boost. Weapon mods, better color(partly owed to the desert environment,) a hardcore mode, etc. were all available in Fallout 3 if you had the PC version and the right mods. But the new content is amazing.
You start off with a fantastic cut scene where you get blasted in the head. It’s an amazing way to pull off starting a new life just like you did when you started Fallout 3. With your brain being reconstructed, you have no past, and must build your own future and discover the traces of your quest that ended with a bullet in the head. From there, the plot branches every which way, and it makes for an amazing game.

The new weapons and perks greatly add to the experience, and the Fallout 3 formula is back at it’s best. Every weapon category definitely got love, especially the unarmed section which I found rather lacking in Fallout 3. The unique weapons are still bad ass, from giant laser beams of death to golden boxing gloves. The best perks from Fallout 3 make a return, including Grim Reaper’s sprint, ninja, bloody mess, etc. and there are new perks all across the board, faster unarmed attack, rad absorption and lots of perks to assist the weapon types you are using.

Now for the most important thing: the quests. There are basic, outlandish, and just plain weird quests for the taking, ranging from rocket launches to solar towers to guarding doors (seriously). The variety is great and the faction implementation makes you think twice about the direction you want to take a quest in. Even the ending offers a lot of variety, but I wont say more than that. (I ended up doing a speed run on an alternate save after I made a few stupid decisions.)

Finally, I want to note that the random vaults make a comeback from Fallout 3 (again, never played the others, so not sure if you could explore vaults other than the starting one.) the random vaults in Fallout 3 were some of my favorite sections of the game. Their back stories and inhabitants were eerie, spooky, fun and usually shocking when you discover some deep secret about them. The ones in New Vegas don’t disappoint, and have made my experience thus far that much better.
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