James Bond: Blood Stone review

This is “Michael Bay’s: Explosions, the Game,” for at least the first half, and that’s not exactly a bad thing. For a disclaimer, I am a James Bond fan, so my opinion may be a bit skewed, but I hope you’ll take it into consideration.

Look at it! It's glorious!

Back to my comment about the first half of the game. You play action sequence after action sequence, pulling off stunt after stunt, really feeling like the real James Bond. The suaveness is there too; Bond ignores safety warnings and pulls off blowing up incredible amounts of infrastructure in a suit or a polo shirt.

The shooting is slightly boring as the most exciting weapon you get your hands on is a stun gun. It never outstays it’s welcome, though. The game will turn into an intense escape sequence or a pulse pounding car chase (Bond always manages to find an Aston Martin), and you can always run ahead and use the take down button to cause melee mayhem on your targets.

The scenes are gorgeous.

This perfect iteration of a Bond movie builds and builds with incredible set pieces, ends with a bang, transitions into comedic dialogue segments towards the end, and the girl offers herself to Bond, as usual. Pretend he says yes and turn off your game console or exit the program on PC, PLEASE. This two hour beginning represents one of the best Bond games ever, and you don’t deserve to have to play the second two hour half.

Ignore! Ignore!

Everything goes downhill. Bond says no, you get into a convoluted secondary story, the boring shooting takes over the game, and you pop targets for a few hours before getting a lame “twist” ending. The only exciting parts were two chase scenes, and I wish they had been able to work the dump truck scene before the first half and sealed the deal. The level design becomes lazy, it’s hard to navigate and you waste time trying to figure out where to go.

Why didn't it just end?!

Do yourself a favor; rent this game and have the greatest sense of being Bond even for a few hours. Stop at the halfway point I mentioned, and leave feeling extremely happy and with a good taste in your mouth.
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MGM~ The crane was awesome in Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace (I can’t remember which.) but that doesn’t mean you need to use cranes every second scene in this game.


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