Spike TV Video Game Award 2010 Review

Gamers Cringe at the Sight of this Logo

The Spike TV Video Game Awards. It’s been around since 2003 and it’s sucked ever since it’s been around. I mean these are the same people who gave Madden 2004 Game of the Year in 2003…Madden. 2004. I’ll let you clean up the vomit from your floor. I had a buddy come over for the show and we watched it…boy did we watch it. Every last horrible minute of it. Honestly if it weren’t for the freakin’ trailers and game announcements I wouldn’t care. It’s a despicable excuse for an award ceremony, but I digress.

Neil Patrick Harris...I'm so sorry you had to be here

The host of the event was Neil Patrick Harris. Now, I’m a supporter of NPH, he is a hilarious/fantastic actor and knows how to make people laugh, but Spike TV’s Video Game Awards truly were not his venue to be hosting. He voiced The Amazing Spider-Man in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and did a great job, but you can tell that was truly the only reason he was there. I can bet that NPH loves video games but he just wasn’t giving me the feeling that he wanted to be there. Get someone who we know truly loves video games.  How about Nolan Bushnell, Gabe Newell, Todd Howard, (he was already there as it is) or hell, even trying  to get Tim Schafer? That’d be freakin’ awesome!

Booby McGamer

One other thing that I just absolutely hated as a whole was the attempts at being funny. Olivia Munn attempting to “steal” the show from Harris because he wasn’t a “Gamer Journalist” was just hilarious to me seeing as how she’s been covering everything on G4 for sex appeal alone. E3 and Comic-Con do not count as being a Gamer Journalist. The “That’s what she said” chick was just a huge Facepalm in that of itself. Overall everyone was attempting to be funny when it just dragged on. I laughed at a few things admittedly but that wasn’t because they were funny. It’s one of those “haha…will he please leave now” things. Yet again, not NPH’s fault. Just Spike TV thinking that they have what we as gamers want to see in an award show.

I'm the highest reviewed game of the year, but apparently not good enough for your Game of the Year Award

The Awards were absolutely pointless. HORRIBLE. Having stars like Dane Cook, the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and even Nick Swardson. I don’t understand why any of them were there. The Awards and even the Nominees were bogus. Super Mario Galaxy 2 despite being the highest rated game of the year on Metacritic and 3rd ranked game of all time on GameRankings.com and it’s NOT Nominated for Game of the Year? Also. Where the hell was Starcraft II in the Game of the Year slot as well? Character of the Year going to Sgt. Frank Woods instead of Ezio or John Marston? Maybe the biggest Travesty Assassins Creed: Brotherhood winning over Mario Galaxy 2, God of War III AND Red Dead Redemption?! Sickening. Absolutely Sickening. The only true awards that were deserved was Red Dead Redemption winning Game of the Year and Best Studio being Bioware. Do the Awards right or just don’t do ‘em at all.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Now. There was a few positives in this. That was when no “awards” from “real gamers” were being handed out but when the announcements were being made. The Trailers being shown is when I really tuned in and paid attention. Everything from Batman: Arkham City, Resistance 3, Mass Effect 3, to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, InSane, Elder Scrolls V, Portal 2, and more. Batman: Arkham City got the show off on the right foot…sadly they couldn’t keep it interesting until you were screaming at the TV for another announcement or Trailer. Out of all of the Trailers in this show Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception totally got me the most excited. Batman: Arkham City began the show in an attempt to draw me in, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception kept me from changing the Channel.

Sadly. Spike doesn't get this.

Overall the entire night was a horrible AWARDS Show, but if it were called “Spike TV’s Video Game Trailers and Announcements 2010” then it’d make a lot more sense and people would be inclined to watch it a lot more than an Award Show. I think this year, just like last year proved that Spike TV can have an announcement night for Video Games, but they certainly cannot have a justifiable award show for them.

Final Verdict: F

Last Impression: If it weren’t for the Trailers. It wouldn’t even deserve an F.








Batman: Arkham City


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim






Mass Effect 3 Trailer



Portal 2…is not working currently


This has been your Thief in the Night

Signing Off…



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