Super Meat Boy review

This game has everything! If everything is ultimate hardcore platforming that’s here to punch you in the face until you cry!

Super Meat Boy is a mixture of painfully pixel-perfect jumps and killer obstacles that maintains crisp, unique graphics during your entire experience. Meatboy starts the game off walking peacefully in the woods with his girlfriend when all of a sudden… The Evil Doctor Fetus (doesn’t get much better than this) kidnaps the girlfriend. The chase ensues as you platform to get her back, always making it within inches before she is whisked away by The Evil Doctor Fetus. You go through hell and high water as you traverse the Meatworld (literally, you go through hell).

Super Meat Boy

As a platformer, I was expecting the usual left to right running with a few special events and traps thrown in. However, almost every level in SMB is unique, not just to this game but to platforming in general. Chase scenes and “holding” are my favorite aspects of the game. You get chased by The Evil Doctor Fetus in a giant chainsaw mech; you chase another character across a stage, trying to figure out their pattern so you can beat them to the finish. Holding (I don’t really know what to call it…) is where you are trying to stay inside what is basically a death elevator with an instakill ceiling and floor, with buzz saws flying around for good measure. Wall jumping has never been this intense.

You will see yourself die. A lot.

To add to all this glory, there is a replay system that is out of this world. Every single failure, and there will be many, is recorded and shown to you in unison when you complete the level. It’s so very satisfying watching the lone meatboy into whom you have pooled all of your tricks for the level race through the carnage of your collected failures to hit success.

The AMAZING amount of bonus characters

There are also loads of bonus characters. You unlock them by obtaining bandages in select levels, or finding certain levels that you have to complete with their unique abilities. The bandages are a pain to get, often requiring special characters or super human abilities. They will put these things near 400 buzz saws and watch you fail again and again trying to grab the stupid pink pixels. Then you have to complete the nearly equally difficult “real” level. It’s a source of frustration, if you couldn’t tell.

All together SMB is a perfectly unique, hardcore platformer. You will have a ton of fun with this game if you can handle perfect platforming or have a lot of patience.
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