Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Review

Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Review
Back at E3, my good buddy, Thief, told me about this game and sent me the trailer. I then shot him in the kneecaps…and then I watched the trailer and was actually delighted. As a 19 year old college student there was only one reaction I could have to such a childish game: “ITS SOOO CUTE!” Even now I can happily say I still have the same reaction to this game. But does Kirby’s cute factor equal a good game? Let’s look.

This suddenly looks much cuter

Okay, now I can explain this pretty well, but this guy can do it better:

Kind of an odd story I’ll admit, but I’ve heard worse, and with the whole bed time feel of this, I can’t complain too much I guess. That voice can get a little irritating though, since it’ll take a while for him to go through a cutscene, but know that your basic goal as Kirby is to travel through the various levels and collect the magic yarn to reconnect Patch land.


Along the way, Kirby and Prince Fluff will have their own random adventures, along will a few other familiar faces from the Kirby series.

Is it sad I had to watch this a second time to realize he was holding knitting needles?

Visuals and sound
Simply put: the game is adorable.  The levels are bright and colorful, making them entertaining to play through.  I loved entering new areas of the game and seeing what it had to offer and what the developers did to give it appeal. The music in the game definitely takes a cheery tone. Through most levels it has a warm, happy feeling to it that will perfectly fit the level, with the boss fights taking on a more fitting “action-y” tone. I like collecting CD’s in the game in order to listen to some of the music of past levels.

Probably one of my favorite levels, it's all dinosaurs

While playing, you may find that the game can feel slow in that you won’t be speeding through each level, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as in the levels you’ll notice there are many tiny areas to explore and things to collect throughout. You can’t die in the game, but you can lose beads you collect throughout.

Don't let the cuteness fool you, Kirby is still a badass and walks right in a dinosaur's mouth

This can be just as maddening as dying, however, since it can be tough to re-collect the beads. Gameplay is definitely fun, as you go through exploring and finding CD’s and other items that you can collect.  Kirby no longer “sucks,” he can attack enemies and hold his own, and he can still transform for those worried about that. Kirby can take on the form of a U.F.O., a fish, a surfing penguin (it makes sense…right?) and many other things based on the level that you are playing in.

The transformations are done well, and fun to use as you find them

While I haven’t played 2-player yet, I do believe the game single-player stands on its own, which was very important to me. While Kirby’s new game may be directed towards younger kids, that shouldn’t be a deterrent for older players, as I’m sure they can find plenty of fun while playing.
Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a great way to take the little pink puffball and finally bring him onto the Wii. The game is charming and fun while staying simple enough for less experienced players , but still having a challenge for other players for older gamers and seasoned veterans. This adorable little platformer is definitely one I’d highly recommend to anyone.


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