Community Service: Sorry for all the viruses…

So ZShare turned out to be a total bust, between people not being able to hear the audio posts and the site just straight up trying to send you viruses.  Apologies to all the people who have tried to hear my lovely voice and have been rewarded with a Trojan instead. 

We found a new site to host our audio, and while you can no longer stream the stuff directly, it’s available to download from a site that won’t ruin your computer.  Go back and check out our most recent voice post!  I’ll work on getting the others converted over to the new site soon!

Also coming down the pipe, some conjecture about Dead Space 2 from The Thief leading up to a review (we hope).  I’ll have an audio review of The Green Hornet up soon, as well as some quality advice for DMs looking to start a new campaign without all the hassle of character restrictions.  With any luck I’ll be able to accurately convey some means for running a cohesive game without having to deprive your players of any of the thrill of character selection!

Thanks for bearing with us, Community.  We loves ya for it.


About incontrol88

I'm a 21 year old senior Journalism and Mass Communications major at St. Bonaventure University in Olean, NY. Writing and hobby gaming are my two greatest loves, and it is my hope to combine them here for the benefit of the burgeoning gaming community. I'm mostly an RPG/RTS fan, but I play everything from Final Fantasy to Call of Duty! View all posts by incontrol88

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