5 Days of Dead Space 2: Dead Space Review

The World is a Vampire

The World is a Vampire...

Let me first start of by saying I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, New Years, and any other crazy-ass holiday us humans share. I got myself a PS3 for Christmas, so I can finally give my Wii a rest from all of the games that came out last year. Now it’s 2011, so I’m going to be talking all week about a game for people who love getting the crap scared out of them: Dead Space 2. But before we can actually talk about Dead Space 2 we’ve got to talk about where it all started…the USG Ishimura, or more importantly, Dead Space.


USG Ishimura, aint she a beaut?


The first Dead Space was a neatly wrapped gift given to us by Visceral Games back in 2008. You play as silent protagonist Issac Clarke who is a ship system specialist and engineer…


Erecting a...Plasma Cutter?


No not that “Engineer” TF2 Fans! He is brought aboard the shuttle USG Kellion to investigate and repair the USG Ishimura. He’s got a lot more to investigate than just that. Throughout the entire game you investigate every section of the Ishimura to attempt to find both the problem and his girlfriend, Nicole Brennan. The game has been compared to the movie Event Horizon for its bloody visuals and overall dark tone. You’ve also got other crew members to help you along the way such as Kendra Daniels and Zach Hammond. You also meet doctor Terrance Kyne throughout the game. The main antagonist of this game would be Dr. Challus Mercer. He is a devout Unitologist (relgious group that we’ll know SOOOOO much more about in Dead Space 2) also known as a religious fanatic and he even attempts to convince the entire crew to commit mass suicide. What a Dick!


BOOM HEADSHOT!! Oh...Headshots don't work in this game? Oh. Bummer.


The gameplay is very fluent and keeps you immersed in this space-bound deathtrap. The new gameplay mechanic in this game is the new way to kill your enemies, by Dismembering them. You get a bunch of cool weapons along the way, None better than the Plasma Cutter of course, but you also get the Pulse Rifle which is sort of like a machine gun, The Handheld Graviton Accelerator which is like a Shotgun and  The IM-822 Handheld Ore Cutter Line Gun…or just Simply, the Line Gun. These weapons will help you on your quest to make sure your enemies deaths are brutal and will keep them down. Oh! Speaking of death, you will die…a lot. Like. A whole lot. Some of the death sequences are actually very entertaining to watch. They’re a bloody mess and they just make you want to play even more. The entire game is dripping with gore and violence.


Dead Space, A Beautiful Gorefest of a Game.


The enemies are original and very, very grotesque and frightening. Some of my favorites are the Brute, Lurker, Wheezer…because he can’t attack, but my favorite is the Slashers. Sure they’re the first enemy you see but thats because as soon as you see him, you will not want to put the controller down. There were many times where I jumped as if I was watching a real horror movie. This game is truly a landmark in survival horror games.  It stands up to, and defeats, great series like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. They both need to step their game up. I’m calling you out Konami and Capcom. Make me proud!

My final Rating: 5/5

Final Thoughts: Best Survival Horror game since Silent Hill 2, and Resident Evil 4

Stay Tuned tomorrow. I’ll talk about the Prequel. Dead Space Extraction for the Wii.

Until then, I’m your Thief in the Night, Saying Peace!


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