5 Days of Dead Space 2: Dead Space Extraction

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So today we’re here to talk about the prequel in the Dead Space series: Dead Space: Extraction. First announced back in February of 2009 and shown at Nintendo’s June E3 Press Conference, the game threw me off a bit at first glance. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not one of the “elitist” cocksuckers who thinks that the Wii is for little kiddies. I prefer it to the other 2 consoles in fact, but some games just are not meant for a certain console. It was given an M Rating and instead of being a third-person shooter, it’s a rail shooter. The Wii at the time was the king of rail shooter resurgence with titles like: House of the Dead Overkill, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, House of the Dead 2 & 3, and now Dead Space Extraction. So it’s been 2 years, lets find out whether or not this is a worthy Dead Space title.

The overall story is pretty faithful to the Dead Space lore. It is a prequel after all, so you get to see USG Ishimura in all of its horrifying glory before it goes to shit. The game is based around the events that happened before Dead Space. You find out about the “Red Marker” that makes everyone that comes into contact with it go insane, hallucinate and eventually become a damn necromorph. That’s pretty crazy if you ask me. Then again this is Dead Space so who wouldn’t expect it to be such. The main stages are linear, like any arcade-style rail shooter. I know that when you hear “linear” in gaming nowadays you just end up thinking of it as a negative, but it’s truly not. You go through the game collecting videos and others files in order to get new gear like weapons, costumes and such. You can’t ask for anything more from a rail shooter.

Not in the Dick Butters!!!

The controls for the Wii are very responsive. Since it’s a rail shooter you don’t even get that weird clunky feeling you get with most Wii FPS’s like The Conduit. Since you’re able to point at the screen without moving it’s not very difficult. I’ve never truly seen a rail shooter that was particularly hard but it’s challenging enough to the point where you don’t mind revisiting it. Overall Dead Space Extraction is more of the same, just basically in rail shooter form. It explains the origin of Dead Space as a series while holding a bit back. It’s on the Wii so it’s obviously limited in both Graphics and Gameplay, but overall it’s not a bad experience. If you’re a Dead Space Fan like I am, you’ll enjoy the game.

If only you had a third person perspective...if only...

Overall 3.5/5
Final Comment: It’s a nice Dead Space game, but it could have been alot better.


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