5 Days of Dead Space 2: Trailer Trash: DOUBLE DOSE!

Hey Everyone, It’s Day 3 of…

I'm not running anymore, I know what I have to do...

I am just not going to get sick of that logo. Day 3 is upon us, and as we all know we’ve only got 2 more days until Dead Space 2 arrives on store shelves. If anyone who’s reading this is going to ask my opinion on the game…you really shouldn’t be reading this. I just absolutely adore this game series. It’s really hard for me to describe why…wait a minute. No it’s not! I’ve said that it’s the best Survival Horror Series out there, and there has only been 1 main title in Dead Space…The Story of Isaac. Finally on Tuesday we get the new chapter…but how about when Dead Space 2 was first confirmed?

The first ever trailer for Dead Space 2 shows a bunch of different Rorschach tests. When all of the Rorschach tests are shown there is new monsters inside of them. You see a skull with Isaacs suit on around it and then you see the ending to Dead Space 1 and the Marker. Finally the image zooms out of Isaacs eye. Isaacs puts his mask on and you hear a voice with what in my opinion sounds like Mercer saying “Isaac, we’re all going to pay for what we did to you”.  When I saw this, I was very, VERY Skeptical. I couldn’t understand what I had just seen. I had to watch it a few more times to really understand it, but then a week ago…

The launch trailer for Dead Space 2 was released on Thursday of last week. To which I reply…Yes please. The trailer begins with the first lines from Smashing Pumpkins…Smash…Hit…*I hate myself for that comment* Bullet with Butterfly Wings. You see Isaac talking to a woman calling him a Dangerous Secret and then Isaac being the badass he is, saying badass things. Then you see Isaac telling another woman to stick with him and she declines. Then Isaac is told he’s in terrible danger…honestly. It’s just a Minute and twenty two second trailer of Awesome. I want to sit here and tell you every detail of it, but I honestly can’t. The game looks amazing, from killing all of the grotesque new and old Necromorphs, to flying around in zero gravity space with jetpack feet. I absolutely cannot wait for this game to come out Tuesday, and this trailer is what sold me on buying it.


Tomorrow: Dead Space 2 Demo…Then it’s the Big Day!


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