5 Days of Dead Space 2: Dead Space 2 Demo

We’re nearing the end folks. Our 4th day is upon us of…

Isaac, You're in Terrible, Terrible Danger!

This Christmas I got this huge box placed in front of where I was sitting for Christmas as I was passing other presents out to my brother, sisters and father. When I got the box I put it down and proceeded to open other gifts such as DVD’s, Wii Games, etc. When I stumbled upon another disc that read “Call of Duty Black Ops” and it was remarkably smaller than the others. It turns out that the huge box was a PS3. I love spoiling surprises for myself, but after I hooked up the system the first thing that I did was hooked it up to the internet and went on the Playstation Network. The first thing I saw was Dead Space 2 Demo. I instantly went and installed it. About 20-25 minutes later. There we was, calling me from the desktop saying “play me Thief, Play Me”. I finally gave in. I’ve since played the demo 5 times and can finally sit down and talk to you about it.


Well first things first. You start out in what looks like a sort of cryogenic stasis room with a few broken in glasses. I sat there looking around thinking to myself, “Oh god damnit, something is bound to scare the shit out of me soon.” I was not disappointed. Two seconds later I was greeted with a hallucination in Isaacs Mind. One pair of underwear and pants later I stumbled upon a few popping out necromorphs and a new throwing up spitter type of Necromorph known as The Puker. From there on you are treated to your first experience in Zero Gravity. You take care of that problem and then you’re onto the top of what I presume to be the building.

Death from Above...

Getting to the top and opening the doors you walk through a room to be met by a gigantic monster which is known as the Tripod and you encounter him along with the Pack, who are basically rabid children type of Necromorphs. You destroy those and then encounter some Rapid Necromorphs and Exploder Necromorphs, shoot them up like the badass you are. Then you walk into a room to be met with another Puker and then you’re greeted with some more damn markers…I cannot wait to find out what this Marker and “Religious Cult” Unitology is all about and what it means, but I digress. You get through the whole elevator process where you have to change your underpants AGAIN! Then you get thrown out to what looks like a Government Ship attacking you. All of the parts in the floor flying out of the broken window that you’re hanging from. Then finally you get down through a secret compartment in the floor and just barely regain your breath when a huge new Advanced Form of Necromorph in The Tormentor, and then the game just cuts out. Needless to say my heart was pounding.


It's nearly upon us!


Today was my 5th time running through Dead Space 2’s demo and again needless to say it didn’t disappoint. If anything, this final time with the demo gave me even more pleasure of playing it than any other time. The atmosphere in the demo gives you the feeling that you’re really fighting for your life and the voice of Isaac is exactly what you should do when finally giving a voice to a Silent Protagonist. Keep in mind, the games DEMO had my heart racing! Just imagine the actual game for me!

Tomorrow is our final day everybody. Thank you for reading all of this. More content to come shortly!


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