5 Days of Dead Space 2: Isaac’s new Voice!

It’s finally upon us. 5 Days of Dead Space 2!

Despite all my Rage, I am still just a Rat in a Cage

Now. Sitting here at my computer desk typing all of this out has been, believe it or not, very fun these past 5 days. While I haven’t “technically” had them all in 5 Days in a Row, I’ve been thinking of ideas to go with this final day and I’m curious as to what I should do for today’s final entry in the Dead Space 2 marathon. I remembered that Isaac use to be silent and now got a voice. Then I remembered that Samus Aran also use to be silence and got a voice. That’s what we call a segue everybody…but I’m not going to do that today. What I’m going to do is comment on Isaacs voice. We’ll put that topic on the back burner for awhile.

Isaac Clarke, Engineer by Day, Badass by Everyday and Night!

Isaac Clarke for those that don’t know, or didn’t read my Dead Space 1 review…(go do it!) He is an engineer in the year 2508 (2511 when he gets his voice for Dead Space 2) who is off to the USG Ishimura to save everyone on the ship including his girlfriend. He gets caught up in the alien attacks and eventually escapes only to find out many different things about his girlfriend and himself as a character. Now when a character doesn’t have a voice in a video game, I feel that you, as the player, are the one who is really deciding how the character feels about this particular event in front of you. I felt that Dead Space did that greatly and surpassed others in their genre by creating something original and captivating you inside of it’s environment.

Screaming Children...Good Solution...

Now in Dead Space 2 our main character, again Isaac Clarke, Now speaks for the first time. When the internet first heard about this they were sitting behind their computer screens biting their nails in anticipation to see whether their favorite space hero was going to sound like a badass, or a dork. Finally when a few trailers here and there were shown off and the demo was released we finally found out. He sounded like a normal human being. Honestly, that is all you needed to sound like to be Isaac Clarke. He is a normal human being who has gotten thrown into a situation that he needs to clean up. He’s an average Joe…just in space with weapons that can dismember anything in has path.

Oh yeah...It's Good...

I didn’t want to get too in depth on this topic just yet, but I just wanted to give you a basic overview as to what good voice acting and story can do, compared to bad voice acting and story. Now, finally I want to say thank you to anyone and everyone that read through all of these articles and enjoyed them. This is our final day of 5 Days of Dead Space 2. Although, it’s certainly not our last “5 Days of” That’s for damn sure! And for those of you wondering…yeah, It’s fuckin’ awesome.

This has been your Thief in the Night, signing off!


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