Hey! Listen!: Duty Calls

Yes, I did just use an incredibly iconic and annoying line to get your attention.  From now on we will use this title to feed you bite-sized info on the gaming industry that we think is really newsworthy.

This post is Duty Calls, a spoof recently released by the Bulletstorm developers to kick Activision down a notch and get some publicity.

This spoof is designed to emulate the “boring” in Call of Duty and make fun of all of the stereotypes.  There are guns that comment how boring the game is to ridiculous titles mocking the rank up system in multi player.

Anyways,  I’m amazed at the lengths the developers of Bulletstorm went to tease one game.  Creating an entire game to mock another is not something you do in a few hours.  I’ll admit this has definitely caught my attention for Bulletstorm, even if I wasn’t too interested and the demo failed to really impress.

You can watch the entire game play clip for yourself below or you can download the entire thing at http://www.thedutycalls.com/.  Be wary, it’s a big download for such a short spoof.

And if your interests have been piqued for Bulletstorm: http://www.bulletstorm.com/home?sourceid=engagement_wk_bulletstorm%20official%20website_exact_42_site_home_1



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