Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two World Review

Oh boy. Here we go again. It took Capcom over a decade, but finally Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (FTW…get it?) is out, but you’re wondering if it’s good…right? Well scroll on down with me and we’ll find out just how good it is.

This is what happens when Nerds wet dreams come true...

There really isn’t much story to this one, but come on…who bought Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 for the Story? It has something to do with Doctor Doom and Albert Wesker conspiring to bring their respective universes together and conquer them both, but as is the case with most crossover games and even fighting games in general, it’s not really central to the experience. If you do happen to be interested, you can find a more detailed description on the Internet. ( )

Now the gameplay on the other hand is another story. The control scheme has changed slightly since MvC2. instead of having two low and high strength punches and kicks, they have gone a simpler route for more accessibility which I honestly prefer. You’ve got Low, Middle and High attacks as well as a special punch and your hyper combo attacks. This keeps the game flowing nicely and keeps the attacks consistent. The combos to pull off in this game are insane. The moves are easy to get used to and can really get you out of a jam. One more unfortunate inclusion that I just HATE is the X-Factor. X-Factor is a boost that can be triggered at any time during a match. It’s kind of a last-gasp mechanic that creates a heightened state where a player’s surviving characters get speed and damage augmented by 200-300%, with an additional healing buff in certain instances, like the certain instance online I had. Here I was playing an online ranked match, whipping ass and taking names. Then my opponent pops on X-Factor, and look at that: All 3 of my characters are dead while his came from the brink of death and won. Bullshit.

P.S. He was a Sentinel.

If only kicking ass were easier...

MvC3 sports a wide array of interesting and entertaining game modes. Offline Mode consists of Arcade Mode where you go through fighting baddies until you hit the final boss, Galactus. The cutscene that ends the game depends on who lands the final blow on Galactus. They’re all very interesting and some even funny. Zero’s ending video even shows him going to the wrong Mega Man Universe. Mission Mode is pretty much the same thing that it was in (Super) Street Fighter IV in that you do specific moves and combos to complete the mission. They are all very fun and challenging for players who want to hone their skills, but if that doesn’t cut it you can always try Training Mode, as well as Versus Mode with a friend. I wish they would have given us more game modes but I feel that they’ll just come out with DLC for it, which is a damned shame. Online Mode is another story. You can either go into a ranked match, player match, Create or Join a Lobby and Check the Leaderboards. I try ranked matches all the time, but honestly I’ve gotta get better with my characters. That and people are very cheap.
P.P.S Fuck Sentinel.

The sound in this game is definitely one of the best I’ve heard and seen in sometime. The little snarky comments and the smack talk before the matches start always get me riled up to play. Deadpool is freakin’ hilarious in this game. When he hits his “Katana-Rama” hyper combo I burst out in laughter every time. Another thing I love is the music, reimagined from old school games like Ghosts and Goblins, Mega Man X2, Street Fighter are just epic to say the least. While some of the Superheroes tunes like Captain America, Iron Man and even Wolverine just kick so much ass. They are all awesome to listen to and I enjoy every little bit of ‘em. I’ve already got Zero’s theme as my Ringtone on my phone. Before I forget to comment about them the graphics look beautiful. They have actual color instead of brown and green. The cell shaded “M.T. Framework” engine looks awesome. I absolutely love how the characters look and the added effect of the comic words like dude, uncanny and any other ones.

Well worth the wait? I think so...

Clearly there is plenty of replayability to be had and with new DLC more than likely coming it should be a blast…one warning to Capcom, like Stuttering Craig on ( said at the end of his MvC3 Review, I hope you guys know what you’re getting yourself into.

Final Verdict: 4/5
Final Comment: Definitely worth a buy.
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2 responses to “Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two World Review

  • JC

    Nice review. I’m very interesting in trying out MvC3. Glad to see you like the different control scheme, I was skeptical about it when I first heard about the game, but based on what I’m reading it was for the best. I wasn’t that great playing the second game, but it’s still a fun experience. That being said, I think that they did leave out some characters that should have made the main cut (Cable and Megaman for example). I think they were some of the most utilized characters in the previous game and, even if/when they are released in the form of DLC, that shouldn’t have been the case, but that’s just my opinion.

    Jill and Shuma as DLC are alright I guess, even though from what I’m seeing Jill is completely different from her MvC2 version which I’m saddened by, while I really couldn’t care less about Shuma.

    Once again, great review! I look forward to reading your thoughts about WWE All Starts once it’s released. I’m really looking forward to it.

    • Thief92

      I’ll pretty much say what I said to Jaime on Facebook.
      “I feel that there will be heavy DLC sadly. I do not anticipate Mega Man being made in it. The director of the game said that there were just way too many other characters that had much more of a combat system than Mega Man did. Hopefully Strider and Gambit will be made for DLC but I’m not really crossing my fingers. I feel that Capcom is going to do ALOT of DLC. Just I don’t know if it’s right.”

      Ryota Niitsuma, the director of the game, felt that Zero had more variation than Mega Man. Thats not to say they won’t, and I do agree that he shouldn’t have been DLC in the first place but at the end of the day, It’s about money. Hopefully Capcom will make plenty of free DLC but I don’t envision it sadly.

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