An Open Letter to Capcom


Yes. You.

This right here is me, without any cheap gimmicks, puns or jokes. I’m being as serious as I can possibly be. This isn’t an “article”, a “review” or anything like that. This is about a devoted fan, who doesn’t want to see you become something that you’re not. A Villain in an Industry of Heroes. This is an open letter to Capcom:


It's Glorious...



Capcom, Hello. I’m Robert Howard, known as The Thief(92) on The Community, Screwattack and many other websites. I have been a huge fan of your company since I was able to walk. Hell, the first video game that I owned was Mega Man X. I played all of your games, from your Disney based ones like Ducktales, Aladdin, and Goof Troop, to your  flagship ones like Mega Man, Street Fighter and Final Fight.  I’ve also played your more recent games like the Vs. Capcom series, Resident Evils and the rebooted Bionic Commando games (yes that does in fact include the one developed for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360). You have been a big part of my life as a gamer, but you need to understand that we fans who have been with you forever don’t like being screwed over by other companies. That’s why we’ve relied on you guys to give us such adventures with Dante, Mega Man, Chris Redfield and others.

The Shigeru Miyamoto of Capcom

Lately however that’s not what we’ve been getting. When I heard that Keiji Inafune had left Capcom, I knew something had to be up and I was a bit worried. Kenji was definitely a huge force at Capcom. I mean, yeah he created Mega Man, Zero and many other memorable characters as well as producing great games like Resident Evil 2, 4-5, and the Dead Rising series. He was definitely a driving force in the industry and inspired many people. That had me questioning you, Capcom, but I still stuck beside you. Then I heard that you’re charging $5 per character for MvC3 DLC? I’m sorry Capcom, we are all devoted and loving fans. We all love your products past and present, I think that how well MvC3 has been doing is a testament to how much we love you. It was definitely fan service but having to pay 5 dollars for ONE Downloadable Character?  Along with what I felt to be a lack of effort on your Mega Man 10 game as, it’s starting to look like a slippery slope. By no means do I hate you. I still love you guys as a company to death. Earlier today I was playing Mega Man, MvC3 and I’m currently listening to your orchestrated version of Bionic Commando. I do not hate you. I understand as we all do that DLC is a BIG Part of the way you make money, but it’s a slippery slope.

Don't end up like them.

Look at EA. If none of you saw the new Extra Credits episode today (which I strongly recommend you doing), you saw that EA was once a masterful company that pumped out fantastic games year after year. (And before people get on me about this I‘m very much aware the topic was about EA‘s marketing team, but it‘s still EA) Before these past two years however they were a laughing stock. They basically made Madden and Battlefield as I can recall. EA was once the most HATED company in all of the gaming community. These past two years they’ve had releases like Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2 which are both easily GOTY picks from this year and last, but they’ve also had some meh titles like Dante’s Inferno and Medal of Honor. It’s taken them so long to get back to who they were and they’ve in turn set us back years as well because of poor decisions they’ve made. My point is simply this. By no means am I saying that Downloadable Content is a bad thing, but can you please throw us a bone here Capcom? That’s all I ask, some free modes and free characters, I’ll gladly spend 5 bucks for like 2 or 3 characters, not 5 bucks for new fucking costumes. It’s upsetting and it makes us think that you look at us like fools. I’ve said it about five times in this article but I’ll say it again, Capcom, we love you, but please stop fucking us over. Look at what Stuttering Craig had to say, One of the BIGGEST Capcom fans I know of. He absolutely hates it. Please Capcom. Just…

I’m your Thief in the Night. Thanks for Reading.


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