Bulletstorm Review

Epic (Games) Edition!

Epic Games. They have made plenty of…well Epic Games. Unreal, Gears of War, and even Shadow Complex were all solid. The first Xbox 360 game I played was Gears of War 1 and I loved it.  Sadly, I no longer have an Xbox 360. I own a Playstation 3 and a Nintendo Wii though, so I’m good on solid games. (Incontrol…save it for another article.) However, this isn’t a “Thief talks about his consoles” article. It’s got to do with the much talked about “Bulletstorm.”  I wasn’t too excited when I got my first glance at the game last year, then I saw that People Can Fly were also developing it and I immediately took notice. Through all of the advertisements, like Duty Calls, a parody of modern games like Call of Duty,and the infamous “Bulletstorm makes you want to commit rape” story over on Fox News.

Rape in my Bulletstorm? It's more likely than you think.

It’s safe to say Bulletstorm has had it’s share of coverage…but is it good? Thats what I’m here to find out.


Man, I bet she grows up to be a fine piece of ass

– The Campaign

Bulletstorm takes place in the 26th century, where there is a confederation of planets and they’re protected by a secret black ops army called “Dead Echo”. That’s where you come in. You are Space Pirate and former Dead Echo leader Captain Grayson Hunt. You find out that you have been tricked into killing innocent civilians instead of mobsters, ruthless drug dealers, etc. So ten years after you go AWOL from the Confederation in a drunken rage, you shoot down the General and his crew as you and your friends crash land on a planet named Stygia. Ishi, your partner throughout all of this, is badly injured and needs fixing and Doc Oliver and your other friend Rell are just two days away from retirement. So you’ll understand what happens. So you, Grayson Hunt, must go on a quest for redemption to get Ishi off of the planet Stygia. It’s a very lackluster story and doesn’t truly deliver, but if I’m being honest, It’s not really why I got the game in the first place so it’s okay with me. There are certain parts where you will be saying “holy shit is this really happening?!” They’re definitely breathtaking at times. Especially controlling a Robot freaking Dinosaur.  While the Campaign people have complained is short, I beat it in about 12-15 hours, give or take. I felt it was an adequate story.

-The Gameplay

Mercy? in this game? Ironic.

The gameplay is very solid. It’s a standard FPS with a few twists. You’ve got your leash which wraps around people and hurls them towards you to “Kill with Skill”. Speaking of which, this should be a good time to tell you that the game is about finding new and inventive ways to kill enemies. If people want to get up in arms and say it’s a murder simulator, by all means, go for it. It’s definitely a blast. Booting people and leashing them towards you as well as getting “Skillpoints” to buy ammunition and guns is freaking awesome. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an original concept like this one come into our hands. The different skillshot combos like “Fast Draw” with the magnum-esque Screamer is definitely invigorating and satisfying when you pull them off. When there are many enemies around and you just use the flail gun on one enemy and kick him into the onslaught of them and get the “Homie Missle” skillshot. It is rewarding, and that’s truly all I ask from a video game, is to make me feel like I accomplished something. Bulletstorm definitely succeeds in that aspect. One last thing. Online isn’t anything to write home about, I took atleast 5 hours of my time to play Online and it was definitely fun, but I could have been given a lot more modes than just a glorified horde mode where I’m supposed to “kill with skill” x amount of goons. That’s 2 games you’ve messed up Online now EA…hopefully there won’t be a 3rd or your comment of “Single Player games are dead” will be looked at as foolish.

-The Graphics and Music

Just. Gorgeous.

Bulletstorm definitely shies away from modern, gritty looking games and goes for a more colorful pallet. A lot of beautiful designs and backdrops were made for this game and it shows. There is a part in the game where Ishi and Gray are in an elevator looking out of the elevator taking in the view. It really is a very beautiful looking game. Oh, by the way, Gray ruins that moment by saying some homoerotic joke to Ishi. Still, the game looks very good, I expected it to look a bit like Gears but Epic definitely 180’d my opinion with them and that’s a good thing. It looks great.

The music is here and there. There was definitely parts in during Bulletstorm why my blood pumping was because of the music that was playing but overall it’s a bit disappointing as far as music goes. The music has awesome tracks do not get me wrong, but there’s too little of it. Especially with Bosses. I didn’t really get the feeling of the epicness that Bulletstorm was suppose to be. On another short note, Steven Blum voices Grayson Hunt and it’s definitely a great fit. Steven Blum makes Grayson funny but definitely relate able.

These are definitely not real burnouts...

Overall, Bulletstorm is a good game. It’s not going to be winning any Game of the Year awards, but with the obvious “Insert Sequel Here” at the end of the credits I’m going to sit here and tell you that if EA, People Can Fly, and Epic Games can crack out a Bulletstorm 2 and make it just as fun as the 1st one, I will definitely be slapping down 60 bucks for the game.

Final Verdict:

+ Gameplay is very fun and imaginative

+ The Environment looks very colorful

– The story is forgettable

– The online is lackluster

Score: 4/5

One final sendoff


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