Conspiracy Theories on PSN Downtime

As most of you probably already know, the PSN is down.  For those who don’t: the PSN is down. While waiting to sync my Portal 2 Steam achievements many thoughts have crossed my mind about the situation, and I’m going to discuss some of my crazy ideas with you. Read on for ridiculous claims.

1.Massive PSN Upgrades-This is my favorite but most unlikely scenario. What if this situation is Sony hiding the biggest maintenance they have ever done and are completely streamlining the PSN and Cross Media Bar(Playstation’s version of the Xbox dashboard/Steam overlay)? Imagine logging in after all this time and finding you no longer have to sync trophies. Cross game voice chat is now available. The virtual keyboard loads faster and we’ve got a ton of new features like bigger and better dynamic themes and something that feeds your dog (hey, this is all conjecture, remember?). Although this probably isn’t the case I could definitely forgive Sony for all the downtime.

2.Somebody tripped over the really freaking big wire in Sony’s server center-Even though they are blaming it all in a possible online instrusion it could all be a coverup for some dumbass mistake. Engineer Dave is smiling, sipping his coffee and thinking about his family when he trips and subsequently tears out a half foot wide power cable. Boom, everything’s dead and Dave’s job security just disappeared.

3.Aliens-They’re jealous of our highly advanced entertainment tech so they shut down part of it to watch us squirm. This could be in tandem with recent Amazon cloud problems. Just saying. Aliens. Watch out for those suckers.

Well im spent, if you have any crazy theories of your own comment below, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Sorry for the very long hiatus, our school musical got really intense and I’m still recovering. Went great though 🙂


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2 responses to “Conspiracy Theories on PSN Downtime

  • eFono

    It’s the government testing their killswitch that “doesn’t” exist. In case you didn’t know, Sony and Amazon were two companies opposed to the killswitch. Look at what hapened to them shortly thereafter. CONSPIRACY!!!

    • sniper430

      Haha, bravo! 😀
      If a SWAT team shows up at your house because you figured it out I’ll let everyone know how awesome you were! ;p

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