Thoughts on consumer responses to PSN downtime and the original source

Look at me, now look back up, now back at me, now read those articles, then back to m…. sorry.

This is completely unacceptable.  The folks turning back in their PS3’s have no idea what they’re doing and don’t understand the effects they slowly accumulate in the gaming market.  Read on.

Now the articles are mainly citing European markets, but I can almost assure you the same thing is happening in most areas.  People selling off their PS3 hardware and software and moving to other consoles in the wake of the shutdown.  However, this will bring about huge problems for the future of gaming.  Not only will selling software hurt Sony now, but hardware losses will decimate them in the future from the lack of consecutive software purchases from the original owners.  Sony probably wont falter from this event, but one can imagine any future troubles.  If Playstation owners decide to sell all their tech whenever Sony has problems they could be heading for the bin fast.

I understand that these people feel hurt that they are unable to participate in their favorite online titles.  Hell, they might even be justified because of the sheer length of the current ordeal; nearly a whole month.  But we cannot just turn away from a major company in the video game circuit.  If Sony were to become weakened to the point of exiting the market, it would be bad news for all gamers.  Nintendo is planning on coming up to par with Sony and Microsoft tech with their new hardware, a dual race, like the current one, is better than a lead console but unfortunately not as good as a triangle race could be for the industry.

Currently we have the aforementioned dual race.  I know the Wii is in the mix but it mainly, not entirely, but mostly targets a different market than the 360 and PS3.  This competition between the two is good, and results in some new innovation, but the companies just clone off each other to try and win their half of the race.  Sony’s Resistance to Microsoft’s Halo,  Gears versus Uncharted, and Kinect to Move.  These are all making leaps and strides but they run in the same vein too much.  There is no immense innovation and risk taking to try and mix up the market.

Now envision a triple market threat.  Nintendo’s new console along with the current mix.  Surely, I dear hope, two players would not copy a single.  That would be a horrible, horrible event.  Just imagine it all goes well.  The three constantly throw out new titles and radical ideas to jump ahead of the competition, resulting in a golden age and leaps and bounds for the medium.  We can look at the PS2/XBox era to see what high competition can do.  Our current games have been great, as previously mentioned, but the previous era had experiments not seen in this era.  Okami created a world unlike anything seen in the industry, and clearly something that wouldn’t have come forth without the forced creativity from competition.  Halo would have never existed in a dual market as it was too edgy and risky.  It ended up revolutionizing shooters.

Now to regard the worst possible scenario.  Sony gets knocked out and Nintendo’s new console falls into oblivion.  The market would be dead.  Shovelware and uninventive titles would be piled on without remorse because of the lack of competition.  Competition drives our society, and without it the consumer loses.

Anyway, these are just the worst case scenarios, but I believe we should be taking our steps as consumers wisely.  This will ensure everyone enjoys great games, consoles, and companies for the future.



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