Let’s Talk Games: What’s Changed? Us… or Them?

This question pertains to video games and we the consumers. I am 19 years old, soon to be 20, and I’ve been gaming since I can remember.  When I was young, games were hard; REALLY HARD. Going through Mega Man X, I was ready to rip out someones heart and show it to them; but I went back and played it again last year and basically just breezed right on through, no problem.

Bunch'a punk ass bitches.

This thought was brought on while I was playing Pokemon Black… while in the bathroom (QUIET!! You’ve done it too, and don’t deny it, maybe not with Pokemon, but you know you’ve pooped and played at the same time!). But I digest *Ba-duh chah*; sitting there playing Pokemon, I remembered back to when I first played Yellow version and how “hard” it was to beat all the gyms, training your Pokemon tirelessly to just beat one gym leader. With this game however, I cruised through the gym leaders with no real challenge except for one failure against the final gym leader. Of course I still haven’t beaten Black, but it’s the gym leaders that I’m talking about here.

Either way, with Black you have a bunch of items the Pokemon can carry to boost their damage, share experience and much more, but what effect does this have on the difficulty of the game?  The items of course made the game more tolerable than running back and forth from the daycare picking up Pokemon, dropping some off, training two by switching them in and out of battle, and that raises my next point.

You train this abomination Game Freak.

What exactly are they doing, dumbing down the game to make it easier, or streamlining it? Of course you may say: “well it’s a handheld game Clovenhoof, streamlining is a good idea!”  but let me bring up another game: World of Warcraft. DON’T PRESS “BACK” JUST YET GOOD SIRS AND MADAMS!!

World of Warcraft has certainly seen a number of changes over the years since it was first spawned to roam the earth eating lives and money. I remember when I first started playing my druid, Asperov, and how I loved that little bastard. It took me, wait for it, a whole YEAR to get him to level FORTY.  New players may say: “Wow!  You really sucked at the game” but any old player can tell you that was actually pretty quick back in patch 1.8. My brother got his priest to sixty in about a year and a half, and I can tell you, raiding back then wasn’t a run of the mill experience.  It was more along the lines of what you would expect from a GOOD raiding guild nowadays: applications, instance testing, the whole shibang.  Ever heard of DKP?  Didn’t think so.

None of this. Get yourself acquainted with Trade chat in Orgrimmar...that was your Dungeon Finder.

Back then, it seemed like it took FOREVER to get anything done.  Now, I started leveling a priest about 4 days ago and already I’m at level 42.  I have three 85’s, all not into raids yet but geared enough to actually be able to join one. Now I know I may have lost some of you who don’t play WoW, so listen up:

All games seem to have gotten easier over time, but that raises the question: what has changed? Maybe I’ve just evolved into a better gamer, or maybe the games themselves are just being dumbed down.  I would love to believe the latter, but I just can’t. Games have always had a difficult learning curve, and maybe as an older gamer that curve is now in my rearview mirror.  Still,  we will always have games that bring us back to the days of old, throwing difficulty at us like we’re a chick strapped to a target waiting to have knives hurled at us by a guy who says he’s done this “a million times.”

He hasn't.

Games are always going to change, some for the better, some for the worse, but it doesn’t make them any less difficult, were just getting better at them. This has been Clovenhoof, making games more fun by telling you its all in your damn head, thank you for reading.


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