Trailer Trash: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Que me squealing like a girl…

Somewhere, a Jock Douchebag is masturbating to this image.

–Guess who’s back…it’s your friendly Thief in the Night here again to dish out on the newest trailers.

Activision’s biggest cash cow is finally putting out a new Modern Warfare. Jock douchebags and avid First Person Shooter fans alike have wanted to know what happened to Ghost, Soap, Captain Price, and that sleezeball Makarov for some time now.  I got a look at the reveal trailer and I have to say, I have never been this excited for a Call of Duty game.  The trailer shows areas like New York City, an English subway, France near the Eiffle Tower and Berlin overrun with tanks and ‘copters. Seeing everyone being called to arms is definitely getting me pumped to see more of, and eventually to play Modern Warfare 3. It’s got promise and is looking to be just as good as Black Ops, if not better. The best part? Three little words ladies and gentlemen. World. War. Three! Come on Activision. Keep me playing your game…FOR ONCE! This is your friendly Thief in the Night, Signing off.


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