Deep Thought: Mega Man music

Get it?

Classic game music; it’s something that gets stuck in just about everybody’s head. More than once I’ve seen a chain reaction of the “Super Mario Bros.’ theme get hummed by a room of people.  Nowadays, people are doing covers, remakes, and everything else imaginable with retro gaming music. So now we get treated to singers and bands who specialize in using game music as a basis and then expanding on the music of the series, and there’s one band I know of that does this quite well, and they are “The Megas.” As their name might give away, their focus is on the classic music of the Mega Man franchise, so far their one full album was based on Mega Man 2, but for me, that album is a literal game changer, adding to the story of the game as well as the characters in it.

There was a story, about a man named Wily, who had...8 robots of his own

Now the Mega Man series is a lot of fun, with tons of boss battles, though to be honest beyond the basic “Stop Mega Man, help Wily with world domination” M.O., there isn’t much to differentiate the Robot Masters.  Save their aesthetic variances, they seem to all blend together. Or at least they seemed to…until I started listening to The Megas.

To be fair though, I definitely don't want to fight them all at once.

The small rock band uses the music of the different levels from the Mega Man series, and adds onto it, using instruments and lyrics to create a story for the Masters. By listening to these songs, I’ve noticed a difference in playing through the game and how much more interested I was in the Robot Masters. So, for this article, I will take three of the songs of The Megas; Crashman, Bubbleman, and Airman and show you just what I mean.


Oh Bubbleman, he’s kind of the whipping boy of Mega Man 2. I mean, his weapon shoots bubble, the same thing you can buy at a dollar store, I mean hell, one of the lyrics is: “They call me useless, they call me weak
They call me a flipper and snorkel geek.” Wait….”They?” You mean…the other Robot Masters? Wow, I never thought they made fun of him.

Would it be better, or worse if he had a wand?

But the thing is, this isn’t Bubbleman looking for pity, the guitar would betray that idea too much, no he wants to redeem himself . He’s singing that he wants to change things, and he seems determined to do so. The song makes him seem less of a joke and more like…a hero. He’s fighting the odds and others perception of him, and that idea isn’t uncommon.

It has worked well in the past. Thinking of this while fighting in this stage, I almost didn't want to defeat him, it made me feel like a jerk for doing so, like I was proving he really is weak and a joke like they said.Sorry little guy


To be fair, I may be a bit biased on this one, since Airman is my favorite Robot Master.  But from what I’ve seen, this song is one of the most popular from the album. And this song rocks, the guitar comes in at the beginning strong, the instruments give off a feeling of solidarity, which stands as the theme for this song. As the song continues and the vocals come in, we hear Airman sing about his solitude, causing him to live above everyone else, alone. And why might this be? Well: “Do you know what it’s like to be built this way?

With only the power to push others away?”

Yea, not the guy I wanna fight.

So that’s it, it’s because of his look and his power. See, while the other masters all have a vague human appearance, Airman doesn’t, see most of the other Masters even at the least have a human face, Airman obviously does not. This difference has made him feel like an outcast, sending him to search for solitude in the sky away from everyone else. As for his power, it really does push everyone else away, making him feel more distant. So now he’s become an outcast because of his looks and powers he feels separated from everything. But Airman has no desire to be a part of society or to gain acceptance.  Now he wants to see it destroyed.

“I’ll usher in the end
Upon my thunder chariot…”

Just to shed light on it, the thing he's riding is a thunder chariot apparently.


Our final boss, Crashman, right off the bat his song is interesting, the lyric “No one will know the truth to this story” should raise an eyebrow. “the truth?” What is Crashman up to? The chorus only adds to the mystery, he even says “Gotta gotta get out of this town
Gotta bring that Wily down.”

Crash or Clash, he's pretty awesome

Wily? Yep, whatever happened with Crashman, he wants to see Wily fail, though he seems to know that he can’t for some reason. Though he seems to believe that his power is necessary to take down Wily. So what does he do? He sacrifices himself  in his fight with Mega Man to be able to help save the world. His hatred for Wily seemingly comes from him losing his hands, and having them replaced with weapons.

So now he wants Wily to be stopped. And I’ll be damned if this didn’t get to me while playing. I felt like killing someone who was more on my side than opposed to me. Though I ultimately  knew I had to fight them. And as I defeated Crashman, all I could think was: “Down falls Crashman…” repeating over and over…

You better appreciate those bombs

So that’s my in-depth look at 3 songs by The Megas. If you like what you heard, check out some more songs and think about buying their album, support a lesser known band. I hope you enjoyed reading/listening to this article, please feel free to leave comments on what you think of these songs, I love having those kind of conversations with people Until “Shadows of the Damned.”

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