Thief’s Den: Update!

Hey there everybody, It’s your friendly Thief update.

What I did to Batman!

I know you’ve heard a whole lot out of me the past few weeks but it saddens me that I haven’t written enough. Mostly because I’ve been duking it out with Batman…see up there. That’s what I did to him! I have since finished Duke Nukem Forever and was all set to write a review, but honestly I feel that there is no point. People already decided whether they were going to buy the game or not, hell, people decided already whether they were going to like the game or not. It is just one of those games that you know you’ll love, it’s on instinct. I’ve been considering many different ideas and options for my writing so it’s pretty much up in the air. I’ve been busy with finishing school, I graduate tomorrow (thank you very much) and I have a hectic weekend ahead of me, including the pod cast and graduation parties to attend. Then on Monday I’ve got my birthday. So this is whats coming down the pipe from I, your friendly Thief.
– (Possibly) Duke Nukem Forever Review…If I feel like it =P
– Memories of my Favorite Games
– My Top 10 Most Anticipated Games

Those are just a few of the articles I’ve got heading down the pipe, Along with some new stuff and my revisions to previous articles I did before becoming apart of The Community coming from me. So keep your eyes glued to The Community, because I’m still here, I’m just thinking…It takes a while be patient =P

Game On guys!


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