Friday Night Smackdown

Tournament Report: Friday Night Magic — Scars of Mirrodin Block Draft 6/17/2011 (Obviously this is going up late…sorry about that.  Still relevant though!)

It was time once again for another Millennium games Friday Night Magic, and the presence of my friend and colleague Jared made it just as exciting as the first. I went into the event knowing that while I’d have loved to place Top 4, just winning a few matches would suffice as improvement over the thorough trouncing I was served my first time out.

My draft this time was much more solid. I stuck the tenets I discussed earlier this week and assembled a decently solid R/G Midrange beatdown deck. I had some decent removal in the form of Gut Shot, Volt Charge, Mortarpod and Tormentor Exarch, and some beef in the form of Ezuri’s Brigade, Kuldotha Ringleader and Fangren Marauder.

Round 1: Jorge

Jorge is with a slick G/B Infect deck. He has the Infefct-Overrun, as well as Rot Wolf and a whole bunch of the little flying infect guys. Game one I get Kuldotha Ringleader and Ezuri’s Brigade, and to the best of my recollection that was just…enough.

Game two is a little more interesting. I have to choose between turn two Death-Hood Cobra and turn two Melira, Sylvok Outcast. No brainer, right? Except not for me…I choose the Cobra, and get a poison counter from one of Jorge’s many infectious fliers. I think I wanted to be able to block that flier or something, but I didn’t have enough open mana to give the Cobra reach anyway…whatever, it was a terrible misplay. Melira comes down on the next turn and shuts off poison.

“Wow, you just have the nut sideboard card against my deck…cool.” –Jorge

Little did he know I was running it main. Naturally, Jorge got that rat that gets bigger if I’m poisoned, just to make me feel like more of a jackass for taking that one poison damage. He starts racing me and to my surprise he’s winning for a while. I’m forced eventually to sacrifice my own Melira to Grafted Exoskeleton just to keep his swarm from winning by switching it back over to Infect damage. I kill him with a Perilous Myr sacrificed to Kuldotha Rebirth or something.

Round 2: Someguy with Blue

My opponent goes like…turn 1 Island and then pay 2 life for Gitaxian Probe or something ridiculous like that. I show him my hand full of gas, then I burn him with it. Game two is much the same. Someguy really got the short end of the stick as far as draft choices go.

Round 3: Scott with R/W

Scott’s got a great deck, with gems like Mirran Crusader, Artillerize, Sylvok Lifestaff, Batterskull and plenty of others. Honestly, I’m becoming increasingly convinced that the Lifestaff is like, the best card in this Limited format. Not only does it pretty much guarantee continual lifegain, it makes it bad to kill your opponent’s creatures. Scott proves me right in Game 1, losing some guys early to my removal but getting ahead in the life game with his ‘Staff. I come close, but when he nixes an artifact on my attack step to make my Etched Champ lose protection from colors, I lose the capacity to race the Lifestaff.

Game two is a rout. I have enough removal to keep his guys from ever picking up the Lifestaff in the first place , and I come crashing through with big Ringleader for 4. Mortapod wrecks dreams. Just FYI.

Game three is the dumbest story I’ve been a part of since I started playing Magic. The Tournament Organizer calls ten minutes in the round before we can really get too far into things. Unfortunately, we’re sitting at the back of the room, and all we hear is “end of the round.” We play our 5 turns, and then scoop them up for a completely unnecessary draw. Oh well, whatever.

Round 4: Is completely not worth mentioning. I’m so floored by my stupidity last round that I play like a 6 year-old and lose two devastating games.


1.) Listen: Tournament Organizers say important things. Make sure you can hear them from wherever you’re sitting in the venue.

2.) Metalcraft…it needs artifacts: I thought my deck was way better than it actually turned out to be, primarily because I was too busy balancing the number of Red cards against the number of Green cards, and not really any time at all balancing in the number of Artifacts. I had Etched Champion, Carapace Forger and Spiraling Duelist just to name a few, and I think there was maybe one or two legitimate points where I was able to take advantage of the Metalcraft.

‘Till next time, good luck and keep drafting!


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