Soapbox: Operation: Rainfall

Operation: Rainfall, quite possibly one of the finest works the internet has done in a long time

It’s been a while since I went on my soapbox. I think that after 3 months it’s finally time to come back. There’s many things people who have read this website know about, one of which is that I am a HUGE Nintendo Fan. Ever since I was a child I have loved everything from Mario to Zelda, Donkey Kong to Kirby, F-Zero to Star Fox. They always made my video game experience that much more exciting. I’ve been very loyal to Nintendo even though the Gamecube years…those were tough times then…trust me…at least I had Melee to play, don’t worry, it’s not really an open letter to Nintendo, but more of a plea.

Absolutely Mezmerizing.

A few weeks ago I had found out that in North America and various other parts of the world the three groundbreaking and epic RPG’s “Pandora’s Tower”, developed by Ganbarion and released in Japan on May 26th 2011, “The Last Story”, developed by Mistwalker and AQ Interactive and was published in Japan on January 27th 2011 and “Xenoblade Chronicles”, developed by Monolith Soft and released in Japan on June 10th 2010, all of which have been praised overseas. I personally was very excited when I saw the trailers for Xenoblade and The Last Story, especially after I found out the creator of “The Last Story” was the Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. The game is an action RPG that looks like it blends a lot of elements together into one huge journey. Xenoblade looks absolutely stunning, especially for a Nintendo Wii game. Honestly, the three games mentioned have immaculate visual styles unlike anything the Nintendo Wii has ever experienced. The design and just overall look of the games remind me of something like Final Fantasy 13 which is just something that you don’t see on the Wii. The closest I could think to graphics would be Metroid: Other M, and they absolutely blow Other M out of the water.

Ein wants these games damnit! FEED EIN!

That brings me to the other topic of conversation. The heroes known as Operation Rainfall. These people are absolutely amazing. As soon as they had heard that Xenoblade Chronicles wasn’t planning on coming over to America they jumped onto Amazon and on June 25th 2011, the game reached #1 in’s Top 100 Game Sales, #1 in all Wii Sales and #1 in Wii Action Games. The campaign for Operation Rainfall is said to have been divided into three distinct campaigns. Each of the campaigns focusing on a different game, only Xenoblade Chronicles has currently been started. These guys have been writing as many physical letters and e-mails as well as giving as many phone calls to Nintendo of America’s headquarters as possible. They also have a Facebook and Twitter branch, requesting for a North American release of the game, as well as encouraging people to pre-order the games working title “Monado: Beginning of the World”.

Freakin' Tigers! We NEED This!

This is one of the biggest campaigns for a video game to localized since Mother 3. Hopefully that’s where the campaign comparisons stop because we all know that Mother 3 fans had to translate the game for themselves. I truly hope that Operation Rainfall can do it and bring these 3 games to America, with the WiiU on the way it seems that Nintendo forgot about their fans, and while the Wii maybe slowly fading away, but that doesn’t mean you forget about it for the next year and a half. We still have until next Holiday Season until most of us are going to be having a WiiU in our Hands. Please Nintendo of America, Listen to what Operation: Rainfall is trying to tell you, Localize these games!


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