Community Service: YAY BOOBS!

The Boys take a Trip down to Good Game and we meet up with Josh and Justin.

Topics on the agenda:

– Biggest Letdowns

– Magic Talk

– Props and Slops. GO!

Click Here!

(Sidenote: I (Thief) accidently edited out my slops so that is why you don’t hear my slops for the week, originally I was going to record my slop myself but I just felt it wasn’t a good slop and I lost the file so we’ll go at it next week. Speaking of, the Mic was accidently turned up during the cast so sorry for how loud we are at some points. We’re just learning guys, hopefully we’ll get it better this coming weekend. Anyway, Thank you all for listening to our Podcasts…except for you…you know who!)


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Thief92 is a media soak. He is a recent High School Graduate, going to be attending College in the fall for Video Game Design and Journalism and loves Video Games, Movies and Television View all posts by Thief92

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