Thief’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Games (10-6)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything around these parts, but with so many titles having been announced over the past year I thought it was the perfect time for a top ten list of anticipated games. It wasn’t easy to narrow down just what I’m excited to get my grubby little hands on. However, I want to lay out rules for this particular list, because sometimes dates get thrown around in the gaming industry like it’s nobodies business.

– The game has be to coming out within a years time

Around this time next year, the game should be out

– One game per franchise.

Without further adieu here are my Top 10 Most Anticipated Games:

Well's been fun

#10 – Spider Man: Edge of Time

People have a tendency to be adamant whenever I tell them that a game based on a movie is good. Most of the time it’s with good reason. Many developers figure they can make a quick buck with big name franchises like the Terminator, not to mention any Disney movie or comic book hero, but I see something different in Spider-Man: Edge of Time. I see quite a bit of potential. First, Spider-Man dies within the first few moments of the game, I mean, come on. That has got to be something right? It’s being developed by Beenox, the guys who made the last Spider-Man game “Shattered Dimensions” which in my honest opinion was awesome. We also get Spider-Man 2099 back to help us out with more web slinging. Beenox has definitely taken care of the Spider-Man franchise since Treyarch captured lightning in a bottle with their awesome movie game Spider-Man 2. I’m definitely looking forward to being the old web head and seeing if I can turn back time with this one…sorry, next number.

Apparently the Holy Grail of Video Games...and I haven't played it? Check.

#9 – Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Oh yes. What many people believe to be the best 2 games on the Playstation 2 are getting HD remakes in the form of a collection for the PS3. Seeing as how I have never played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus it’s safe to say that I’m pretty pumped to give this one a go. I’ve heard nothing but great things from many friends and fans who have played this game when the Playstation 2 was still relevant. The whole aspect of grandeur surrounding these games just makes me want to play them a bit more as they slowly inch closer to that release date. September 27th 2011, I will definitely be getting these games for my collection.

It better come before 2012...SteampunkPhreak knows why...

#8 – Bioshock: Infinite

When I first saw the trailer for Bioshock: Infinite two things ran through my mind…

–I absolutely love this setting and concept for Bioshock Infinite as opposed to Bioshock and Bioshock 2

–This is the first time I’ve ever been excited for anything Bioshock. Ever.

Bioshock 1 was an Atlantis of sorts which was awesome but…I don’t like water in my video games. That’s totally not a reason I haven’t fully played through either game, but Bioshock 1 was fresh and new. Bioshock: Infinite looks to be just as fresh and new if not more so. Oh, and the main character looks like a Boss…

Maybe this time when a Microsoft game says "Finish the Fight" they'll mean it.

#7 – Gears of War 3

When I first got my Xbox 360 back in 2008 I got a little game called Gears of War 2. I had played a bit of the first and I loved it. I popped it in and I played that bitch for at least 2 months straight, maybe even 3. I love Marcus Fenix and his story with all of his comrades. When I finally beat the story I went back onto my computer to tell my friends how awesome the game was and how everyone should pick it up. Then I heard ol’ Father Fenix asking me what I had done. If that wasn’t enough to get me excited for Gears 3 I don’t know what would have. Plenty of new Locusts with both the Lambent and regular along with the Digger Boomer (which will be my nightmare) and the return of the Berserkers just to name a few. We also get a few new weapons with a Sawed off Shotgun, Retro Lancer which as opposed to a chainsaw has a bayonet on the front, Incendiary Grenades, a One Shot Sniper Rifle but my favorite has to be the Digging Launcher which launches small digging creatures through the ground at high speeds and then they explode! Cliff Bleszinski certainly knows how I like to kill ‘em. Exploding body parts all around! The Gears series final hurrah comes out on September 20th 2011 so be prepared to see some Locust exploding goodness!

Cool guys don't look at explosions?

#6 – Uncharted #3: Drake’s Deception

How do you come off of a game which had 40+ perfect scores? You make an awesome Multiplayer Beta, and keep on doing the same things that you did with the first two Uncharted games. Seriously though, I feel that Naughty Dog can definitely destroy the expectations for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. The overall feel of the game from what I have played of the Beta is definitely a multiplayer I would play over Call of Duty any day of the week. The Co-Op play is engaging and fluent. There are some bugs here and there but that’s why it’s called a Beta. The final treasure hunt is on and we’ll truly find out about Drake’s Deception come this fall, November 1st 2011.

Part Two here!


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