Thief’s Top 10 Anticipated Games (5-1)

Here we are guys, I’m back for round two!


Part 1

#5 – Mass Effect 3

Shepard's Last Stand!

Now we’re getting serious, no more fucking around. Mass Effect is a franchise that has changed the landscape of how you make good video games. Whenever you think about Morality in games, you turn to BioWare. They know how to make a good video game.

Mass Effect 3 has Earth being invaded by Reapers and only you, the fearless Commander Shepard have the ability to stop them. You need to rally the civilizations of the galaxy in order to save it. The combat has been drastically changed, and it has been said to play more like a shooter than previous installments. That is why Mass Effect 3 is so high on this list. I’ve heard some who have been worried about Mass Effect leaving it’s RPG roots for a more big boy shooter approach. I still have hopes but I’m keeping my eye on you EA.

#4 – Kid Icarus: Uprising

Flying High Again

The 3DS library has been a bit scarce with it’s most anticipated game for the first half of 2011 being a remake. Granted the remake was of one of the most praised games of all time, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, but when you get down to it they haven’t had too many stellar titles as of late. That should change when Kid Icarus: Uprising hits store shelves in November. Let me give you a little background to the worst wait I’ve ever endured for a game (and I endured Duke Nukem, damnit). When Kid Icarus was first rumored to be making a comeback, fans like myself were hyped. In 2008 it was rumored that the big reveal was going to be Kid Icarus for the Wii. Those of us who bought the rumors were very, very disappointed. In 2009 it still wasn’t in the cards.

Then finally Nintendo hit it out of the park in 2010 announcing games like Donkey Kong Country, Zelda Skyward Sword, Kirby: Epic Yarn…and then in the last 5 minutes they showed us a trailer of a game developed by Project Sora…and then we heard, “Sorry to keep you waiting.” Thank god for my patience. Kid Icarus is finally coming back to us gamers. The game is going to utilize pretty much every feature on the 3DS. The touch screen will be used for combat and there’s even going to be 3v3 Team Deathmatch Multiplayer! This game is certain not to disappoint, and I for one am stoked.

#3 – Luigi’s Mansion 2

Time to *puts on sunglasses* Blow off some Steam!

Luigi has always been pushed around, being the brother one of the most popular and famous characters in the world right next to Mickey Mouse. Mario’s are some pretty big shoes to fill, but when I finally got a Gamecube I absolutely loved Luigi’s Mansion because it was something fresh. There are definitely people who don’t enjoy it strictly because there’s no Mario. They’re dumb. Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be just as good if not better. This time around it’s going to be hitting the 3DS as opposed to a home console. A little disappointing…but it’s freakin’ Luigi’s Mansion 2! It’s being developed by Next Level Games who have done work on previous Mario spinoff installments. Although I haven’t seen much of the game, I anticipate the same level of success for Next Level Games that Retro Studios had with Donkey Kong Country Returns. Luigi’s adventure into MULTIPLE Mansions will be coming Spring 2012. So get your vacuums ready to start sucking…wait.

#2 – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Looks Breathtaking...just like every Zelda before it.

Jesus. Three Nintendo games in a row you say? I say, it’s my Top Ten, so I can do whatever I want! Announced at last year’s E3 press conference Nintendo barely gave us any detail on when this bad boy would be coming out or even if it was finished. Then along came more trailers to hold us at bay. Finally they gave us a release date and it’s…November? Hmm, looks like Christmas will have to come early for me. Back to Skyward Sword. The game has a whole lot of things that interest me, just like Bioshock: Infinite it has what seems to be a floating city. Awesome new bird characters that it seems you can ride, the story of the Master Sword, and my personal favorite: the look. The cell-shaded design looks very vibrant and colorful. The entire Zelda universe has looked great in cell-shaded graphics and I see no difference here. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s The Legend of Zelda. It’s got everyone hyped and I feel it will definitely live up to it…although I’d better tread lightly…

My most anticipated game, since way back in 2009, has been a licensed game. It was of a certain Superhero variety. One which was voiced by certain actors that when their names are mixed spell Cevin Konroy and Hark Mamill…Batman Arkham City.

#1 – Batman: Arkham City

I tried so hard not to put this at #1 again but I just couldn’t deny Batman my #1 spot. The game has everything. The combat system has been tweaked for more of the insane combos that you could use in Arkham Asylum, you’ve got more villains in The Penguin, Two-Face, Hugo Strange, Mr. Freeze, Talia Al Ghul, Calendar Man, and Solomon Grundy. Along with those new villains we’ve got returning foes of the Batman like The Joker, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Victor Zsasz. Oh, and I can’t forget Catwoman in the main story and Robin in the challenge modes.

This Aint No Place for a Hero, To call Home.

I’m nerding the fuck out right now but I don’t even care! The map has gotten even bigger in one of the coolest video game easter eggs I’ve ever seen. Batman Arkham Asylum had the entire map of Arkham City in Warden of Arkham (Now Mayor) Quincy Sharp’s secret room. You can roam around Arkham City grappling onto Helicopters, ledges of Buildings, gliding down and whooping some inmate ass. The detective mode is looking just as good as it had previously, in my opinion even better. The Riddler’s riddles have been said to have gone above and beyond expectations. Batman is one of the most recognizable and storied franchises in media history. Arkham City is looking to be going absolutely above and beyond anything I’ll have played in my life. Batman: Arkham City is undoubtedly, unquestionably, irrefutably my most anticipated game. Well, there’s nothing else left to do but to play the waiting game.

Thanks guys. I’ll be back next week with something new!

And you can check out Part 1 Here!


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