Some Disgaea 4 unboxing pics and first impressions

Hey everyone, because NIS America is awesome, I got Disgaea 4 six whole days early than the store sale date, so I’ll be able to fill you in on all the goodness even earlier.  Anyone who’s played Disgaea intently probably wants to know all the technical stuff, so I saved that for the end.

First:  Opening that glorious USPS box

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In case anyone isn’t familiar with Disgaea, it’s a turn based strategy RPG with the best sense of humor in any video game ever! (in my opinion.)  You’ll definitely love it if you appreciate anime humor, or love the play-style of turn-based RPG, because it does them both great.

I’m not going to do a formal review of Disgaea 4.  There is just no way anyone could fully review a Disgaea game.  You would literally need to write a book to explain every aspect and quirk of this series.  So, I am going to give you “impressions,” or how I feel about the game as it goes along, this being the first.  I’m at the ten hour mark now so I’ll try to keep posting updates every ten hours of progress.  No spoilers, don’t worry!

Disgaea-ness(This should be a word.):  The game is very true to its predecessors, still quirky, beautiful and crazy.  The additions to the game do not overpower it, and somehow allow it to flow more and display more craziness.

Gameplay:  Towers, throwing, ridiculous specials, it’s all there.  The three or four hours I’ve put into the item world show that it has maintained the fun grinding  formula perfectly.   My only noticeable quirks so far are the camera angles and the save data.  Sometimes it’s very hard to see the map geography and plan your attacks, but it’s nothing getting used to moving the camera around more often won’t fix.  The save data for this game is HUGE.  5MB.  So it takes awhile to save and load, which you need to do a lot of.  I haven’t used any of the new units myself, but I’ve fought against a few bouncers, which are essentially defensive but with unique abilities and opportunities from the heavy knights, which are still present.  The cam-pain is the new voting and party management system.  The battle map is pretty exciting, I’ve already started exploiting the buildings to make my hero units near unstoppable.  The fusion system is cool, with it’s pros and cons, and the game doesn’t force you to use it at all, just like magichange.  I’m sure it will be very helpful for monster grinding and ridiculous stat boosting post-game, but I’m clearly not there yet.  It hasn’t been too difficult yet, I’ve only lost some unfair mystery fights, but it always gets harder.

Graphics:  Those who paid attention to all the Japanese release and US pre-release info know the sprites got a major upgrade for this game.  They are absolutely gorgeous, and add clarity and depth to Disgaea.  People with a hankering for classic Disgaea sprites can change back at any time though, morphing ranger!  The animated dialogue definitely helps get the character’s thoughts across, and the backgrounds somehow got even more gorgeous then they were before.  You really have to see it yourself, and I’ll try to get you guys some screenshot, but no guarantees because of the lack of a capture card.

Story:  NIS had me at the intro narration.  This is my favorite Disgaea story yet.  And there was an Assassin’s Creed reference.  You have to play this game.

Status:  Lord Val, the main character, is about level 36, my top character.  My grinding in the item world was all for him, and he has an oddly named sword with about 40 gladiator innocents in it.  For those of you that don’t know, innocents give items extra stats, and gladiators pack in the attack.  So essentially he is a DPS, or a massive damage dealer, or whatever you want to call it.  He isn’t very fragile because he’s the main character, so I don’t have to worry about him too much.

Fenrich is my favorite character so far, and he’s roughly 33.  I’ve just been packing the muscles on this guy to bring up his HP because of his amazing evility (essentially passive abilites.)  His raises his stats 30% when he’s near lord Val, so I have him follow him around and they make an awesome pair.  Right before I wrote this up I also got another evility.  This one raises stats for every tick of damage Val has taken.  All the more reason to make Val as fragile as hell!

The next highest character is a healer, about lv 20, and it goes downhill from there.  I Just recruited a new main character and added in a bunch of generics, so hopefully I’ll have a more balanced team by the next update.

So far i recommend it, but you’ll have to keep checking in in-case my opinion changes, although I highly doubt it.  Have fun playing “How much free time do you think Sniper has had since his last Disgaea impression?” because I have a super busy life, unfortunately.

Thanks for looking and reading,


Next Post!

P.S.  If anyone wants more figure pics or pics of anything out of the box, I took hundreds.  Also, if you want me to send you some save data to check out my progress lemme know.  I’m guessing a forum post would be the best for this…  leave me some comments with ideas if you’re interested!


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