Disgaea 4 Second Impressions

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20 hours in!  Read on for delicious nuggets of information, and nougat.

The Assassin's Creed reference I mentioned previously

Disgaea-ness(This should be a word.):   Anytime I start to get a little bored of grinding or item management I go to story mode.  Any doubt in this game disappears and I remember why I love this series.  One of the cam-pain buildings allows you to “build relationships” which I assume means complete events to build stat boosts or something.  One of the categories was rival and the description read “fight each other fist to fist.”  So I spent about ten minutes making my main character punch my archer and vice-versa.  Needless to say the physical main character won…  I’ll let you guys know if I get smart enough to figure it out…

Fight Club 😀

Gameplay:  So apparently there is a damage estimation gauge.  I totally missed it the first 10 hours, so used to mashing the x button to save time.  It is very helpful though.  It will become grey if your opponent is invincible, a mighty enemy, or you will do no damage to them otherwise.  Yellow is normal damage, green is healing, and red means you will kill them if the attack hits.  This is very handy for leveling up characters, so you will know exactly what you need to let low level characters kill your opponents.  This bar has become one of my best item world tools, since you don’t have to pay a lot of attention to the cheap geo-block effects, the bar will let you know.  I also got around to trying out the map editor, which gives you a lot more freedom than I thought it was, especially on the base editor.  Being the efficient person I am, I was lame and just built a base that put the least distance between the medic, dimension guide, item world, evility shop, and cam-pain HQ.

9th graders making gay jokes, surprise, surprise

Story:  The story got a little repetitive for a bit.  All of the characters were so set on their individual goals they didn’t really show their personalities.  Thankfully a ridiculous plot device came in, and everyone is back to their crazy selves.

Status:  Lord Val, the main character, is about level 50, still my top character.   Know actively training 2 other hero units and 1 generic.  I also have a few magi-change weapons but their levels are way down in the dumps.  There is a cam-pain building called heart cannon, and it’s probably my favorite thing ever.  It allows units to assist their friends every time they make an attack.  Normally this wouldn’t happen often, because surrounding units is only done on rare occasions, mostly boss fights.  However, I just slopped my archer into this group and am very impressed with the surprising results.  Her range allows her to pretty much assist everyone, so there’s about 400 more damage for every persons attack.  I was quite happy.

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P.S.  If anyone wants more figure pics or pics of anything out of the box, I took hundreds.  Also, if you want me to send you some save data to check out my progress lemme know.  I’m guessing a forum post would be the best for this…  leave me some comments with ideas if you’re interested!


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