Trailer Trash: Heart of the Swarm

For the interests of this article, I’m just going to be talking about one trailer. This one:


Screw Blizzard. Honestly, I haven’t so much as booted up Starcraft II in months, and all it took was just over a minute of gameplay and cutscenes to pretty much sell me on Heart of the Swarm. Honestly, they could pretty much just crap in my palm and tell me it was Sara Kerrigan’s and I’d pay fifty bucks for it.

So what can we tell from this trailer? Not much. Evidently we’re looking at a campaign involving Kerrigan as the “playable” character (as opposed to Jim Raynor), and though I’m just speculating here (and isn’t that really what Trailer Trash is all about?) it seems like we might be looking at a shift toward smaller scale combat as more of a focus is placed on Kerrigan as a “Hero” unit. From the brief glimpses we see on the screen it appears you get to “level” and evolve Kerrigan independantly of her armies, something the first installment of the game was lacking.

What this trailer doesn’t really tell us is how the game will affect SC2 multiplayer. Personally I can’t help but wonder if that’s wise, because I feel that the larger crowd of SC2 enthusiasts are definitely the hardcore players, for whom the intricacies of the campaign couldn’t matter less. Frankly, even I must reserve judgment until I know more, but as a player who enjoys the campaign mode as much if not more than the multiplayer, this trailer served as a tantalizing taste of what’s to come.

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