Solo-Bot: The Dominion Capstone

More and more its becoming clear to me that having a strong player and the proper champion holding down your bottom lane is the key to victory in Dominion. For any who might disagree on principal, let’s look at it this way:


For a successful Dominion match, you want to hold at least three Capture Points against  your opponents. Now consider a game in which your bottom lane is failing, and either your solo champ isn’t able to push out, or worse, you are occasionally losing your own bottom point. Now, if you want to maintain a Capture Point lead, you’ve got to hold your own mid point, as well as top, and the enemy mid point. On the other hand, imagine a game where your solo champ is on fire, winning his lane handily. This scenario usually develops in one of two ways. Either your top team also wins their lane and you go on to a quick 4-1 victory, or if your top lane isn’t performing very well, you can still hold 3 points by controlling your mid and bot. Since the latter 3-2 scenario is much easier to maintain than the former (Yourmid + Top + Enemymid being harder to hold than Yourmid + Yourbot + Enemybot).

On another note, if your bot champ is doing exceptionally well, he can usually force the other team to dedicate 2 champions to holding him off. This gives your top team a built in advantage that can be used either to straightforwardly push the top, or to assign one of your top team champs to a ninja-capping role.

So by now, hopefully it’s become clear how vital to a smooth and easy win your solo champ is. That having been established, who should you run bot? In a general sense, any champ that would be good at solo’ing a lane in Classic is at least a halfway decent choice for botting Dominion. My favorites are as follows:


Nasus: A lot of tears were shed at the concept of running Nasus in Dominion because of the difficulty inherent in trying to farm his “Q” in such a fast-paced environment. The fact of the matter is that by leveling your “E” first, you become a force to be reckoned with against the other solo opponent. You can lurk in the bushes and always get the immediate first hit with Spirit Fire, damaging and melting the armor of those champs. Wither and Siphoning Strike combine with the Fire to make hyper-aggressive strategies well within the realm of possibility.


Heimerdinger: Okay, so there isn’t much Heimer can’t do, but he really shines in the solo-bot role. It should be easy enough to tell why: putting turrets on your turrets is reinforcement of a brand you just can’t buy. Likewise, the slow and blind from his skill shot is enough to get him out of sticky situations in the almost certain eventuality that the enemy team will try to surprise you in a 2v1. It might not be until late game that you can hope to win those scenarios, but you can almost always squeak out of them until you’re capable of handling them.


Akali: The shroud is just sooo good bot. Akali is the harassment queen of the Dominion bottom lane, with her invisibility move allowing her to get in for heavy damage on a consistent and frequent basis. Her dash gives her an added sense of mobility, which of course is awesome in Dominion, and her single-target burst damage is very helpful for hunting and ninja-capping.


Yorick: The Heimerdinger principal is hard at work here. As hard as it is to lane against a champ and two turrets, it’s equally had to win against a champ and 3-4 temporary pets. Yorick isn’t the speediest, but he winds up hitting incredibly hard and the expendable nature of his little ghouls makes him a great candidate to push enemy champs underneath their turrets. Should he transfer up to the fight on top, his ult is a great game changer to ensure a victory in any semi-even team fight.


So those are my favorite champs to run bot. They are all reasonable choices, all effective, and all fun to play in my opinion. If you have any more suggestions, strategy questions or just a different take on the game, feel free to let me know either on the comments to this article or on our Forums. Until next time, keep Dominating!

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One response to “Solo-Bot: The Dominion Capstone

  • Cards 'n' Dice

    I feel like the top thee priorities in choosing your bot champ are usually harassment, farming, and tankiness, in that order.

    Harass to keep ’em from tower diving you, farming to keep the lane pushed (and clean up the minion waves if they do reach your point), and tankiness because you can easily find yourself in a lot of 1v1 skirmishes. An escape mechanism (a la Heimer’s skill shot) can substitute in some occasions, but not all.

    Good stuff. I look forward to more.

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