The Top 3 Most Awkward Games I’ve Ever Played

Ok this is my first post contributing to my most favorite place in the world’s website, so humor me here and thank you for reading.


Editor’s Note: This was our new friend Blackknight’s “application” to write for The Community. Please welcome Blackknight, we expect big things in the future!

A boy made of Sack? I can smell the weirdness from here...

#3. LittleBigPlanet: I know it’s weird that this is here but I have my reasons. LittleBigPlanet is awesome and one of the most creative games I have ever seen but that’s the problem for me. I love it when people put so much time into creating a cool and detailed level, but there will always be those one or two people that have to ruin it for everyone else and create something disgusting and disturbing. I mean I could be having a great time with my friends on an awesome level, then we switch to a different one and we’re attacked by a giant penis monster or something like that. But its still a very good game and I enjoy it.


#2. Bayonetta: Ok this by far is the second weirdest game I have ever played. In this game you play as a hot chick who basically fights through the entire game in somewhat of a God of War format trying to figure out who she is. But here is the weird part: throughout the entire game she is in a tight leather body suit and 90% of her attacks make her naked, all while sexy music is playing as she fights. I’m not complaining believe me, but you just feel weird after awhile witnessing it as she preforms all sorts of sexual acts throughout the game. But if this sounds like your kind of game go ahead, I wont stop you.

Marriage: The Documentary

#1. Fat Princess: I understand that people reading this probably thinking: “What?! How the hell is this more awkward than the last one?” Well, hear me out. Its not just one thing that makes this game so awkward, it’s the whole concept. Basically, the point of the game is to kill the enemy team and create massive bloodshed all to kidnap the opposing princesses who have an uncontrollable craving for cake. I mean seriously, these women eat one piece of cake and instantly gain 100 freakin pounds and as you play and people die their blood stays on the field. Then as I’m playing I’m in the middle of the field and I look around and see blood everywhere and people dieing and I think: “Why the hell are people doing this, for a person who has a ridiculous cake addiction which would probably land her in the hospital or an early grave anyway. Thousands of lives are sacrificed, and for what? Cake. OH GOD WHY? WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO SUCH TERRIBLE THINGS? WHY?

Thank you very much for reading


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