Review: Dark Souls

Dark Souls is possibly the hardest game ever made, sequel to Demon Souls which is possibly the second. I would recommend this game to any gamer out there who has patience and is looking for a serious challenge. This game includes every aspect of its predecessor while enhancing and improving those aspects to make them even better. Dark Souls is designed to piss you off, and staying calm and patient is the only way you can succeed and hopefully make it through the game.

What could be frustrating about this?


In Dark Souls you play as a character of your own design that goes on a massive quest to save the world from evil demons that have been around since time began. What makes the game so difficult is that it gives you no hint at all about what to do. Most games involving quests or missions, even the non-linear ones, provide you with a rough idea of where you’re headed and how to accomplish your goals once you get there. Well in this game there may be an occasional nudge in the right direction, but even that will probably be vague and not much help. You may spend hours trying to find out what to do and while you’re searching you’ll probably die about a hundred times making you even more frustrated. But its all worth it in the end because after you spend hours trying to find out what to do or you finally kill the un-killable boss that you have been yelling at for hours, once you succeed you just gain a great feeling of satisfaction that you were able to stick it to this ridiculous game. More and more information is revealed as you play, so as long as you progress through it you gain knowledge that helps you ultimately to become stronger and complete the game.

Level 7: Pig Roast of the Damned

Dark Souls may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a challenge and a game that will take up a lot of your time than this is the game for you. So go out and get it and always remember: Be prepared to die. Good luck.


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