LoL’sgiving: Champs I’m Thankful For


League Lovin'

Hey guys, it’s your friendly neighborhood Thief here and I must confess I’ve been a real hard case of late. Sure I’ve been writing a lot of reviews, but when you keep doing the same thing sometimes it can get a little tedious. That’s why, in keeping with the Thanksgiving tradition, I’m going to give you guys three League of Legends champions that I am truly thankful for.

I got my Cannons ready, I got scurvy to remove!

One of the first champions I ever played and one for whom I’m thankful would have to be Gangplank: The Saltwater Scourge. Gangplank gives people runny noses and watery eyes when he is seen on the field of battle. If you do not attack Gangplank early game and rub his face into the dirt you might as well “/all gg” because there’s a slim chance you’ll come away with a win. The son of dread pirate captain Vincent the Shadow has no fear of taking the fight to you. With Parrrley and Raise Morale at your disposal you can just watch as their health disappears, and your Cannon Barrage can stop people dead in their tracks all across The Crystal Scar and Summoner’s Rift. Then of course you have Remove Scurvy. Just remember to eat your oranges, and you will be okay.

It's Judge Dredd with Blades!!

Another champion I’m thankful for is Talon: The Blade’s Shadow. With all of the Assassins in the game I find Talon to be the most intriguing. He doesn’t need a stupid fear turret, or a stupid teleport, and he isn’t a stupid clown.

Fuckin' Joker wannabe.

Talon’s four abilities are Noxian Diplomacy, Rake, Cutthroat and my personal favorite, Talon’s ultimate Shadow Assault. Talon hurls a ring of blades in all different directions while stealthed, dealing significant physical damage to anyone caught in the aftermath when the blades retract.. Using Shadow Assault and Noxian Diplomacy together is key. I usually pop Talon’s ult and hit someone with Noxian Diplomacy while I’m stealthed. Rake and Cutthroat are both just as deadly. Throwing a Rake into a bush where enemies are hiding just makes their days all the more disappointing. In a team fight Cutthroat is clutch. Throwing a silence on Kat right when she’s about to pop her ult, only to absolutely obliterate her and send her back to that summoning platform in the sky is just so satisfying. The fact that I can just traverse around with Talon, chuck my blades at peoples faces, silence them and end their days makes him incredibly satisfying to play. He’s just one of the coolest characters to have come out in LoL in quite awhile. He’s silent, stealthy, and most of all deadly.   The Noxian Assassin is a force to be reckoned with in the League and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Press E to Penta

My last champ of the day comes to us from a little place you might have heard of called Demacia. He’s a destructive foe who likes long walks in the Crystal Scar and has laid a few bodies down in Summoner’s Rift. I’m talking of course about the All-Pro Cross Country League Champion, Garen: The Might of Demacia. Garen is a part of the Demacian 5. A group consisting of Garen, Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV, Lux and Galio. People always complain about the fact that Garen can “Spin to Win” so to speak. I, however, embrace the fact that I can pass Judgement (see what I did there?) on fellow users as they grovel at my feet. Garen is one of my first champs and I feel he’s one of the best in the League. The story of Garen is one of the reasons I’m very thankful for him. Garen is one of the most upstanding characters in League of Legends, he once saved his best friend Jarvan IV from Jericho Swain and his executioner Urgot. Garen, I also believe, has a huge attraction to Katarina, his Noxian rival. Garen has a certain moral code that is just unmatched by any other inside of Demacia. Garen is one of my first champs and I feel he’s one of the best in the League.

It’s a bit weird to be talking about League of Legends since I’m more or less Top 10’s and Game Reviews but it’s kind of fun. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this little Thanksgiving(ey) LoL special and I hope you guys have a fantastic Thanksgiving! As for me, my Christmas hat and Egg Nog will be in arm’s reach after Thursday.


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