Gaming Thankfuls

A Holiday Message from The Community:

– SteampunkPhreak

Happy Easter, everyone! In gaming, I’m thankful for Portal 2 and Shadows of the Damned, for not letting

me down like I was worried they both would. I’m thankful for Good Game in Geneva, for giving

my hometown some place for game lovers to gather, and the great Bedore Bros. having a job they

love. I’m thankful for seeing the interesting things that have happened in games recently, and what

developers and everyone in the industry are trying to push. I am thankful that the medium I love is now considered

art, so that people can see games as I do. I’m thankful for a laptop that can run the games I’ve gotten

off of Steam. Finally, I have to say what I’m most thankful for is all the friends I’ve gotten through video

games, and the friendships that have grown stronger through them.

Thanks guys, hope I can actually write soon!


Phreak beat me to the punch on a lot of his points. As a kid I used to have to beg my parents to drive me 45 minutes or more to the nearest hobby shop, and I was always so jealous of the kids who lived close enough to walk or ride their bikes. A place to come and play Magic and talk about games whenever I want? It seemed like an impossible dream. Now my hometown has Good Game, a place where the people are friendly, the owners are knowledgeable and generous, and there’s plenty of lively discussion to be had.

I’m also thankful for free to play games. In these tough economic times (I got my loan repayment schedule in the mail recently and almost threw up all over it), it’s nice to know that I can play everything from flash games, to RTS-arena style games, to MMOs without spending a dime. Recently I’ve been having a blast checking out DC Universe Online, and of course I’m still playing my old standby League of Legends. Seriously, if you haven’t given that game a try yet, download it. It’s free, and it’s awesome. Have a happy turkey day everybody and stick with The Community!


Well. This is awkward huh? How do you follow up our Fearless Leader and resident nutcase? And of all places in the middle. Well, here goes…

I’m thankful for many things this year. I’m thankful for Rocksteady Studios and their unbelievable attention to detail in Batman: Arkham City. I have never seen a game as beautifully crafted as this game. Batman has never had a better story in his 60+ year career. While I’m at it, I’m thankful for Paul Dini, Kevin Conroy, and Mark Hamill.

I’m thankful that Duke Nukem Forever finally came out, and I’m thankful for the people who took the game for what it was. Fun. Thats it. Just fun.

I’m thankful for League of Legends and it’s impossibly possible way of helping me become a bit closer with my friends, proving that Video Games bring people together. Speaking of bringing people together, I’ve got to send out my love to our only Video Game store in our hometown, Good Game. You guys have given us so much joy with not only your store, but with your personality, your stories and your openness and freedom to let us have fun with little to no boundaries. You guys truly embody what gaming, and gamers as a whole, should be. Fun and interesting.

And lastly, I’m thankful for The Community and all of us here who believe in what we write/talk about. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had, which is only bound to get even bigger, brighter, and better. So like the two before me say, Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and everybody stay with The Community!


Do you know what I’m thankful for about video games? Well it may seem a little dorky but here it is. What I like mostly about video games is their ability to transport you to a different world. Those seconds while playing a good game you actually forget about the real world and immerse yourself in a more exciting and fun world were you can live out your wildest fantasies. To have that moment were you can forget all about the strife, problems and work you have and replace it with the image of you in another world having the time of your life is just great. That is why I’m thankful for video games.     

-Card and Dice Advice:

I’m thankful for my game of the year, every year, Dungeons & Dragons. As a subset of — or perhaps the reason for — that, I’m so thankful for the people I’ve been privileged to play that game with. Some truly talented writers have DMed for me, proving to me that D&D is more than just a game; it’s a democratic story-telling medium, which is really the aspect that’s kept me coming back.  I’ve played beside and DMed for some amazing and creative players, allowing me to watch people interact with worlds — both mine and others’ — in ways I never could’ve come up with on my own. I guess what I’m really thankful for is the chance to share in my friends’ imaginations.

I’m thankful that InControl roped me in to gaming, starting with Magic, then moving to D&D, and finally, after months of badgering, getting me to join League of Legends. Prior friendships grew and new friendships bloomed, nurtured by rattling dice and ruffling cards and clicking mice (or, in my case, absolutely abusively clacking keys).

Like my colleagues, I’m thankful for The Community and the new friends it’s brought me. I’m thankful for the chance to keep my nonfiction skills sharp. I’m thankful it keeps me connected to the gaming world, something I’d likely be totally cut off from in my little apartment with painfully un-nerdy roommates.

Finally, I’m thankful for the chance to reward people who read pictures’ mouseover texts. I love those guys — and gals!


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