Viktor, the Machine Herald…herald of what exactly?

First of all, Happy Holidays to all you LoL’ers out there!  I hope you all had great times.  Now, on to the meat of the subject: the new LoL champ.  Sorry it came out a bit late, but, as you all may know or can at least figure out (or, in some cases, be told) holidays can be hectic.  And/or recovering from said holidays.  Good times, though.

 See?  This is why I can’t take you to nice places…you always have the upper hand…get it?

Viktor, the Machine Herald.  Where to begin, where to begin…he’s an interesting champ, he really is.  I love the aesthetic design, and the voice actor is phenomenal.  I can always picture him saying ‘This is the Russian Space station!’  You know, from Armageddon?  You people are horrible, you know that?  Anyways…I guess I should really get to what you all want to read.  So, let the review begin!
His passive ability is called Evolving Technology, which is actually an item he gets in game, called Hex Core.  It grants him +3 ability power per level, and for 1200g (one time only), he can upgrade it to one of three upgrades, which grant additional stats and extra abilities to one of his three non-ult abilities.  It’s not too shabby.  I like it, though I don’t see why anyone would grab anything except the damage increase one, but I’ll get to that, later.

His Q is Power Transfer, which is a targeted burst, and hits for 80/125/170/215/260, plus 65% of his ability power as magic damage, and returns 40% of the damage dealt as a shield.  Mana cost 45/50/55/60/65, range 600, cooldown 8/7/6/5/4.  Cheap, low cooldown in all the levels, can hit pretty hard, and shields you.  Perfect.

His W is a pretty neat form of cc.  Called Gravity Field, Viktor lays a circular device on the ground, and all enemies in it are slowed by 28/32/36/40/44% and stacks every .5 seconds.  At three stacks, the target(s) will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.  Mana cost 65, range 625, cooldown 17/16/15/14/13.

No, fool.  I expect you to walk into my trap, and then get stunned as you sit there contemplating what you’ve done!  HAHA!

Like I said before, really cool idea for cc, and has the possibility of REALLY turning a team fight around.

His E is what got everyone’s attention.  Viktor’s Death Ray fires a beam with targeting identical to Rumble’s ultimate, and deals 70/115/160/205/250, plus 70% of his ability power, as magic damage to everything in it’s path.  Mana cost 70/80/90/100/110, range 530, cooldown 13/12/11/10/9.

For those of you who have never played Rumble, this is how you aim the Death Ray.  See how it can go outside of it’s range?

For those of you who just like to watch hot and fiery death come from lasers.  

This is a pretty decent nuke if you can learn to hit with it, and the augmented ability just makes this better.

Viktor’s ultimate is called Chaos Storm, and at first glance reading over it, I was not impressed.  Then I started messing around with it in games.  And realized it hits for a lot harder than I thought it did, lol.  On use/impact, it deals 150/250/350 (plus 55% of ability power) and silences everyone in the area for .5 seconds.  As it goes on, though, it deals an additional 40/60/80 (plus 20% of ability power) every seconds for 7 more seconds.  Mana cost 125/175/225, range 700.

BOOONNNNEESTTTOORRRMMMMM…oh wait, wrong game.  Dammit.

At level six, with zero ability power enhancements (aside from his passive item), it hits for 160 damage on impact, and then another 305 damage over seven seconds, so 465 damage in total.  That’s not too bad, considering it also comes with cc, and a bunch of other abilities with it.

With that set of abilities, I’m afraid I’m going to have to rank viktor as a ‘meh’ AP carry.  He’s neat, and has a couple of solid gimmicks, but aside from that, your team will benefit better with a brand or an Annie.  His passive can be upgraded to one of three things, but I’m only going to discuss one, because I don’t feel that the other two really compare.  Augment: Death Ray is a great way to increase your damage output and be useful to your team.  It makes your passive item grant an additional 45 ability power, straight up, and gives your Death Ray (E) a DoT effect, making it hit for an additional 30% over 4 seconds.  Even as a support, you’ll want to take this, because your usefulness in team fights goes up significantly.  And, because you’ll only have room for five items, you’ll want this to count for something, and augment: death ray will give you 117 ability power at level 18.  That’s not too bad for 1200 gold.

Skill order, for me at least, would be to prioritize in this order: R > Q > E > W, with a point in ‘W’ at level three so you’ll have a form of cc against ganks, and/or if you need that cc in a fight/duel.  I’ve seen some people say E over Q, but frankly, power transfer hits just as hard, and costs so much less, and is spammable.  Yes, it only hits one target, but it also makes you much harder to kill one on one.

For runes, I just go with my typical caster rune page (magic pen marks, clarity seals, cooldown reduction/level glyphs, and either flat AP quints or magic pen quints), maybe even skipping out on AP runes because of Viktor’s Hex Core, though probably not.  My mastery page is pretty typical of a caster as well, taking everything AP related in the offense tree to 21, and then going into utility for the extra mana per level and mana regen.

As for a build, well, see my Ahri build, to be completely honest.  Get a couple Doran’s rings, and boots, and rush a rabadons if you truly want damage.  You can get a rod of ages first if you desire, though, considering your passive item does take up a spot, and will provide you with that extra little AP you’ll need to keep up with other casters.  To be annoying, definitely grab a rylais at some point.  You’ll become a walking cc engine.

Sorry for the short post, but I’m just not feeling this champ.  Like I said at the very beginning, he’s a really cool champ; I love the skill set and what they were trying to do with it, and I love the design and the voice work, but overall, he just seems to be ‘meeeehhhhh’.  But, maybe following this guide/review, you can prove me wrong.  CAN YOU?
Oh, also, Micky Rourke from Iron Man 2!  Yes!  This also reminds me of him!….still nothing?  I can’t get through to you people somedays….oiy.


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3 responses to “Viktor, the Machine Herald…herald of what exactly?

  • sniper430

    Kind of depressed you didn’t look at his role as a support. When you put points and your hex core into your stun you’re going to be able to protect your teammates and drop a SUPER long ranged group CC, perfect for team fights. Also, if you prioritize death ray you’re an amazing harass. I guess I like him because he can do so many different things almost perfectly.

    But I guess that’s just me 😛

    • TheScourgeXV88

      The only issue I really have building him as a support is that he needs the last hits and CS to build what he needs to support as he does. He can’t be a support if he’s going mid lane. And if you do end up going mid and leveling your death ray, the increasing cost of mana needed to continue the harass, you’ll need so much mana regen that’s just not available at this point in time. Starting with a mana crystal makes you squishy and vulnerable to harass, and starting with a doran’s ring, you won’t have enough mana regen to keep up with the harass. Power transfer hits just as hard, costs less, and still harasses your opponent, and gives you a shield to boot. I dunno, like I said, I may not be feeling the champ, that’s all. But that’s my take on him.

      • sniper430

        I dunno, when you’re racking up the assists because your carry gets a long ass slowstun on both of the people in your lane out of nowhere, it’s hard to complain about the income. And leveling up death ray gets you that mean farm, and it’s not like you’re not going to have no points in transfer too. When you’re constantly dropping them down in lane you pull champs away from your friends and are a general pain in the butt for the enemy team.

        Of course, that’s just my opinion XD

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