App Wars: The App-pire strikes back

It’s Holiday Hangover week here on The Community, where we’ll throw you articles from games we got from over the holidays as well as our Games of the Year, impressions, reviews and many others all here at The Community.

So as my last week of break winds up and I prepare to head back to campus, I realize more and more that only my new 3DS and my iPod will get any respectable gaming action as class work reappears. I suppose I should finish discussing the apps I own.

Ultra Deep

So I sort of downloaded this one since I had grown bored of everything else, and I must say, this is one I’m glad I found. It plays simply: you fall down what seems to be a bottomless pit, and along the way you collect diamonds, get launched from cannons (who put them there?) and avoiding spikes and flaming rocks. As you collect diamonds, you raise a bar that gives you a super form that makes you impervious for a time. There are other temporary power ups you can find as you travel down. You can use diamonds to increase the power ups’ time limit, and you should when you can. This would probably be one of my favorite apps, and one I think is easy enough, yet challenging for many.

Yeah, the robot turns into a rocket

Price: 0.99

Android: A knockoff (Hey, it’s free!)

Recommended: You can play as a robot, what do you think?

Gravity Guy

I get the feeling that app makers like having a game go fast, because it might be easier to make, but that isn’t really a bad thing…sometimes. In this one, you play as an escaped convict (I think?) who is trying to escape the most dedicated police officer (he even follows you if you fall) and to escape you must flip the gravity so you have somewhere to run to get free. This game can be tough. You get the chance to slow down time, but it is a limited supply without buying more. You have to be spot on with your timing or you’ll be restarting the level. It can be infuriating, but it’s rewarding once you master it. This seems like one that people who complain games aren’t tough enough should get.

That block in front of you? You will get shot if you wait too long

Price: 0.99

Android: Yes

Recommended: For those who want a challenge

Pixel Ninja

So we’re gonna go 8 bit for a little, and the first is “Pixel Ninja,” which puts you in as a ninja who has been assigned to infiltrate various locations and retrieve stolen treasure. To do this, you have an arsenal available: your sword, shuriken, a bomb, two bones, and a rice ball. Using these, you must defeat all your enemies and recover the treasure. In ninja fashion, you want to avoid being seen, so you must be careful not to fall into the enemies’ field of vision, then often sneak up behind them and get rid of them with your sword. The other weapons can be used, the rice ball to regain health, and the bones to occupy the dogs; often your sword is your best bet, because it is an instant kill. The game is a bit challenging, making sure you time attacks well and presenting different enemies over time, but nothing the average person couldn’t handle.

A blue rectangle has never been more irritating

Price: 1.99

Android: No

Recommended: if it drops to 99 cents, yes

League of Evil

This one is good. It seems like it almost could have been on the NES or maybe an old computer game, but it’s found a home. LoE has you as what seems to be a random military guy with cyborg parts who must fight through levels, beating up various mad scientists to stop them from taking over the world. This is your main objective, with your second being to retrieve a briefcase that is in each level. You have two moves: jump and hit. How you use them is the challenge. You can easily fall into the line of enemy fire or a pit of spikes. Though you won’t find a lot of anger in it. It has such great response, you’ll know it’s on you. This game is lots of fun and a great throwback to classic games.

That briefcase is mocking you...

Price: 1.99

Android: No

Recommend: You haven’t bought it yet?!

Jump Out

So, have you had enough of Angry Birds but still have the urge to toss around tiny animals? Well that is a weird hobby…but now you can get “Jump Out” instead! You help a collection of bugs escape their trappings (cardboard boxes, a computer) and the perils that await them within. Mostly you aim for the hole that gets the bugs out of one box and into another. It can be a bit of challenge, but there’s one major issue I have. Should you miss, and don’t get the bug in, they just slowly close their eyes….and don’t move. Yes, I know, it’s a bug, but that is unsettling on so many levels. At least the Angry Birds go “poof!”

See those big eyes? Now imagine them closing...because you failed them.

Price:  0.99

Android: No

Recommend: If you want Angry Birds, that isn’t Angry Birds…or like seeing life slowly fade…

Robo Rush

Now this one…well there’s no avoiding it: It’s a Mario clone. Yeah, the difference here is that it has a darker background and robots. But otherwise it pretty much plays the same. You’re a tiny robot that needs to run and jump through various, similar looking levels and occasionally defeat a boss by jumping on them. You get power ups, you grow taller, then another lets you toss bombs. Now I don’t have a problem with this game — I actually enjoyed it — but it’s short, and I guess you could replay it, but there’s no real reason to.

See anything that reminds you of Mario?

Price: 1.99

Android: No

Recommended: If it goes free.

Hard Lines

Our final game is Hard Lines. One that is simple but pretty interesting. You play as a yellow line (relatable!) in a series of different games; there’s survival, where you fight other lines, and you have unique powers you can unlock (one makes you invisible, one makes the other lines stupid, one shrinks the lines, and the last slows them down). There’s also a game that gives you 3 minutes to do what you can, one to eat  glowing things to live longer, one lets you attack other lines and consume their remains (yes, it’s called piñata), battle where you see how long you can live, a snake game, and a daily challenge. This provides lots of fun; there are all sorts of ways to play for whatever you want to do. And it’s done well. There are different control options I’ll let you learn about (they are really confusing to explain) but this is a pretty original game.

This makes a lot more sense in play.

Price: Free on apple, 2.99 on Android

Android: Yeah

Recommend: Definitely! But check for a sale on Android

So that’s all my game apps! Now, I realize that most of these actually do cost money, but they didn’t for me so I would have to say get an app called “Free App a Day” which gives you daily listings of apps that are free for the day, and it can definitely save you some cash and show you some apps you might not know of.  Hope you find something you like, and that I can write again soon!


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