Resident Evil: Revelations Demo

Holiday Hangover!

It’s Holiday Hangover week here on The Community, where we’ll throw you articles from games we got from over the Holidays as well as our Games of the Year, impressions, reviews and anything else we can think of this week!
Today we’re going to talk about a little piece of gaming I’d like to call Resident Evil: Revelations. The demo just being released today I figured it was as good a time as any to point out what I find good, what they need to work on, and what I’m looking forward to the most.

Revelations? Meh. Atleast it's not ReVengeance...

So first, you start out on the Level called “The Ghost Ship”. You wake up playing the character Jill Valentine, being talked to by a character named Parker. You search around trying to find certain things to help you get out of the room. You find a door that is locked, and you need to find a way through. You drain the dirty bathtub to find a Screwdriver. Immediately you are introduced to a new enemy in the series called Ooze. You shoot him down, unlock the door and continue on your way.

The opening and the combat feel great, especially for a handheld. My only gripe is getting the aiming down but the fact that the 3DS Circle Pad Pro is out and hopefully will be bundled with it, helps a whole lot. The game seems to be working towards more of an emphasis on puzzles which is where Resident Evil first started off. I am definitely in favor of that as opposed to Resident Evil 5. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Resident Evil 5, but it’s not the best in the series. Anyway, I digress.

Libraries...I know...I shuddered too...

You head into other rooms, acquiring a shotgun and an item entitled the supply scanner which helps you scan for..well, supplies. Although you can’t forget about the enemies, with some occassional Oozes jumping down from the ceiling to scare the pee out of you. So I killed that bastard and I kept going, and finally I walked into this dining hall encased in fog with turkey legs and chickens just sitting on the table. Giving me the feeling that there were people here before me, feel that sensation? That would happen to be your spine tingling.

Finally the tone of the game is set for me, and that is probably about the scariest thing that a developer can do. Cheap scares and jump-outs are one thing, but if you’ve used a gun enough in games like these you’ll get tired of them and ask for more. Sound is a very large part in the Horror genre and plays a big role in engrossing the player into the experience. Not only sound, but visuals too.

Also, don’t sit there and think I’m talking about graphics because I’m not. The game’s aesthetics are what is going to make horror games great. The lighting and visuals give me a terrifying feel…Okay so maybe I am talking about graphics…But that’s not why I enjoyed this demo! I felt terrified at times just walking down corridors. It’s the anticipation that helps games like these prosper, and Capcom knows just how to make my hands go numb when it comes to being scared.

Less jump out, more tingle...that sounds dirty...

Now, this is something that I felt Resident Evil 5 lacked. I was genuinely scared what with all of the music and atmosphere it built up. Resident Evil 5 was outside quite a bit in a lit up place, sure there were some corridors but it didn’t have that feel that Resident Evil 4 conveyed. It was very dark and mysterious, and the atmosphere that was given to you, made you feel helpless at times. However, they need to give me more varieties as far as creatures, old and new. The saying “People fear what they don’t understand” is relatable here and I feel is fitting for any horror game.

Just give me more!

If you keep giving me the same enemies like the Regenerator or even random Zombies I’m not going to bat an eyelash, but if you  throw a curveball at me, I can guarantee you I’ll be peeing my pants all the way to the untimely death of that new thing I just killed. It just seems like they’re trying to throw these new “Ooze” enemies at me quite a bit. And that’s okay for the first few minutes, but after about 5 minutes or so, (keep in mind this is a 5-10 minute long demo) you need variety. There’s probably an argument that someone can make to this, but that is just my opinion.  I’m hoping that is what Resident Evil: Revelations brings to the table for me.
Now, I could continue on about how I’m excited for Resident Evil: Revelations to get in my handheld already, but I will not. Why, you ask? Well, I’ve been a bit let down by a Resident Evil game before. Seeing as how I haven’t even used the Circle Pad Pro yet, I’m not going to be singing my praises for Revelations just yet, but from what I’ve played it’s a damned good start.

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