Joes to Pros: League of Legends Basic Strategy 2

As the name implies I’m picking up where I left off in the last article, with an introduction to some of the basic strategies used in LoL. The first and easily most important is the concept of last hitting. In short this means hitting something and killing it. This is important because each time you kill something you get gold. Just hitting it isn’t enough, your shot has to actually end it to get paid. It’s a different story with killing champions though. Even if you don ‘t get the kill you get gold for assisting, which is one of the ways tanks and supports get gold.

Legitimate business being the other...

Adding on that, if you’re supporting or tanking, let your carry get the kills on both minion and champion. Carries need the gold and the faster they get it, the faster your team wins. If you’re worried about not getting enough gold by doing things the right way, grab a “gp/5”item. There are a few items that give you 5 gold every 10 seconds. These are great for supports because they give you gold and an added benefit. For instance “philosophers stone” gives mana and health regen along with 5 gold every ten seconds. It’s win/win.

Speaking of strategically purchasing items, let’s talk about wards. These beauties are going to be overlooked by everyone until summoner level 15-20 on up. New players just don’t use them…But once you see how useful they are you’ll never want to go without them again.

Here’s a hypothetical. Say you and a buddy are in the top lane trying to take a tower when suddenly enemies come around the corner and sandwich you between themselves and a tower. Death soon follows. However if you had tossed a ward near the corner you could have saved yourself. This is why wards are invaluable. They allow you to see in bushes they’re placed in and the area around it. Learn to pay attention to the mini-map and you shouldn’t have to worry about ganks with proper ward coverage. Even if you don’t know where else to put it, that little bush to the side of either top or bottom lane is a great early and mid -game place.

These bastards right here...

Another great place to toss them are dragon and baron. Dragon is the dragon, and Baron is the purple worm looking dude. Toss a ward in front of them when they’re up and you can tell when the enemy is going to grab them. If all goes well you can take the kill from them and off a few of them in the process. Speaking of dragon and baron, they’re pretty important. Dragon gives your entire team gold and baron gives a huge damage buff to your whole team. Kill dragon whenever you get the chance. Just take three or so dudes and try to make quick work of it. The money/exp will add up over time. Baron is a little more tricky on when to do. You don’t want  to get started only to have the opponents rush in and kill you all/steal the kill. Basically wait untill a few or all of them are dead and just run the entire team into it. Keep in mind, he gets stronger as the game goes on so be wary when doing it. If it’s still confusing when to do it, and trust me that’s completely understandable, just try to look around at some of the videos of people doing it. Either way it’ll come with time, so no worries.

All in all I hope this has helped anyone who may be new to the game or looking to get into it and in the process got a laugh or two. What can I say, I aim low. Still, to you all I say good luck and have fun.


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