Dark Ascension Preview Part Deux: Leaving you Black and Blue

So, last week I spoke about white and what I thought about it, today I’ll touch up on what’s going to leave us black and blue from Dark Ascension.  Let’s get to it!  BLUE:

I’m not exactly sure on what I think on how blue will perform.  On one hand, there really isn’t too much that I can see that will really change standard too much.  Really what I can see MAYBE hitting standard are two cards; first card is Curse of Echoes.  Not necessarily a main board card, but I can see it in control decks for the mirror match up.  Turns out, I love copying your counters.  The other card I do actually want to discuss: Thought Scour.  This card is a throw back to Mental Note, from Judgment.

Just wanted to show where the game has gone.  Same cost, same speed, same cantrip.   Difference is, of course: Choice.  The game has gone quite a ways since the time of Judgment.

With those cards possibly showing up in Standard, I feel I must make some comments on another two formats before I get to Limited play; EDH and Modern.  For modern, I feel that Mystic Retrieval MAY find a place in Pyromancer Ascension decks…provided the format slows down a bit.  It’s a decent alternative to Call to Mind, and it could work better for strategies that involve self milling.  And as for Commander, I wanted to point out that Beguiler of Wills is most definitely going in my Azami Wizard deck as soon as I get my grubby paws on one.

Now for what you all were waiting for: Limited aspects of Blue.  Well, once again, not anything too startling.  Geralf’s Mindcrusher is quite a bomb, and can really help out your pool if you pull a Chill of Foreboding or two.  Thought scour is always great for that draw, and Dungeon Geists can lock down your opponents bomb permanently if they can’t find a way to deal with it.  Artful dodge can be quite a nice little top deck or card to keep track of in the yard, in case your blue decides to go aggro.  And, of course, any of the efficient zombies that require you to remove another from the yard to cast are quite good.

But, let’s get down and dirty with it!  Paint it Black!

For constructed, we’ve got a couple possibles: Geralf’s Messenger, Gravecrawler, Mikaeus, and Tragic slip.  Tragic Slip will see play in your typical U/B control decks, making quite the awesome replacement for Wring Flesh.  Mikaeus could definitely go into Solar Flare as another bomb, or it could just as easily make it’s way into Birthing Pod.  I like sac’ing stuff to get bigger creatures on the board, and then getting what I sac’ed back.  Mikaeus also makes it much easier to overextend into that Day of Judgment and not get punished as hard for it.  Geralf’s messenger has been heralded as the anti Kitchen Finks, though I’m not sure what presence he’ll make in standard just because of the black commitment.  And Gravecrawler?  Well, a certain GrimGrin would like to talk to you.  Several times over.  Like, as many times as you have black mana.  Just sayin’.

For limited, all of the above would be quite decent.  If you can, even Geralf’s Messenger if you can handle the heavy black commitment.  Gravecrawler is really the only ‘iffy’ one, but if you can back him up, he’ll be phenomenal.   Another couple decent mentions I think should be included: Undying Evil and Death’s Caress.  Undying Evil can turn the tide of combat, and can even increase your later game.  Death’s caress is just point blank spot removal, and has an added bonus against humans, god forbid.  And, last mention: Mikaeus is making me want to build an EDH deck around him.  Seems to be a bit powerful to me.

Well, that’s all for now.  Next article, I’ll discuss what I think Green and Red have to offer.  Leave me a comment if you think I forgot anything!


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