Dark Ascension Preview Part Three: Insert Witty Title Here

At this point, you’re probably waiting for me to get to ‘the other cards’/’multicolor’ cards, but alas, we still have red and green to get through.  So, bear with me, this will be the last post before we get to the true bread and butter of the set.  Let’s get down to business!  To defeat…the Huns……..yeah, okay.  Anyways…


What can I say?  For constructed, red is a steaming pile of garbage.  For lack of about one card.  Yes, one.  No, you’re r/g werewolf aggro decks don’t count (feel free to prove me wrong).  This card will be making a hit in (I predict) EVERY constructed format.

Yup.  A common.  Best card in red, if you ask my opinion.  Right now, in modern, there are literally ZERO cards for one mana that will net you two cards (if I recall correctly).  And, some decks love ditching cards.  I’m predicting pyromancer’s ascension might get some love here soon, folks.  This here is one hell of an addition.  Other than this card….yeah.  Nothing here is catching my eye.  Only other possible I see is Mondronen Shaman in r/g werewolf aggro decks (happy now?  You at least got a mention).  Even then…pretty sure they won’t get to the competitive level.

Limited, however, is a different story.  I think red is pretty strong for limited.  Two different cards that burn on their own, with flashback, even.  And then there’s three cards that attempt to wipe out your opponents creatues.  Yeah, costly.  But hey, removal is removal in limited, and the more you’ve got, the less creatures you have to beat through to get to your opponent’s squishy, squishy face.

And, what would red have to offer if it didn’t come with a bomb?  Who knows, because it definitely DID come with a bomb.  And a great bomb at that.

All I’ve got to say, is THANK GOD IT’S A MYTHIC.  Evasion?  Check.  Big power/toughness?  Check.  That’s all you really need for a bomb.  But wait!  There’s more!  Oh, you mean the creature filled deck that I just made because it’s limited gets a pump for each red mana I get?  Oh, that’s meh.  OH WAIT.  Giving each creature you control a steady fire breathing effect is, you know, kinda good.  And by kinda, I mean holy crap in a hat.  The only thing I really have to say about this devious dragon is the mana cost.  It’s a pretty big commitment on red, but even that’s counter-acted by it’s ability.  Oh, you need at least three red mana to cast?  Sweet, that means I’m hitting you for at least 8 next turn, plus however many creatures I have x3 plus their powers, too.  Yeah.  GG.

So, red in constructed: Meeeehhh…one power house card, and it’s a common.  Red in limited?  You bet your ass.


What can I say about green in constructed….meeeeehhhhh.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are some decent options.  For instance, strangleroot geist will DEFINITELY see play.

In some iteration of some deck or another, it will see play, whether it be mono green efficient aggro, or some deck we have yet to face.  A 2/1 for two with haste is always nice.  Being able to survive a board wipe/kill spell and come back STRONGER is even better.  Maybe birthing pod will come back…

Everything else is just…gravy.  I mean (once again, giving hopes to you silly r/g werewolf players out there), wolfbitten captive gives werewolves another one drop that’s kinda nice, but I’d never want it to flip.  When are you going to have a spare four mana to pump it?  Oh wait, you’re not.

Limited, once again, is a somewhat different story.  We’ve got some neat options here.  For instance, young wolf is quite a nice one drop for green.  One for a 1/1 is cool.  It dying and becoming a 2/2 is great.  Trade twice shall we?  And then there’s vorapede, which, again, thank god it’s mythic.  These for draft are quite the issue to deal with (thinking back on it, these may also see play in that silly deck that strangleroot geist could be in, who knows).  Increasing savagery can turn the tide of a game (as it did for me several times in the pre-release).  Morbid triggers are awesome when you get an 8/8 trample for six (Gravetiller Wurm).  And, of course, briarpack alpha is always nice.  An instant speed creature with a pump?  Sounds good to me…I liked Village Bell ringer in the last set, I’ll like pseudo similar effects in this set; surprise factors are always great.

But, we can’t mention green limited without our bomb.  Yeah, I mentioned Vorapede.  He could work.  But I’d rather not stare down a 10/10 on an early turn.

Go go gadget second intro pack rare that I’ve discussed.  Turns out, in a format with really limited removal, having a straight up dude-that’s-bigger-than-yours is a winning scenario.  No evasion needed on this guy, his ass is full of cushioning.  And, he comes out sooner the quicker you trade up.  Curve well with your dudes and sacrifice them to save face?  Maybe you’ll play this guy turn five.  I like 10/10s on turn five.  Don’t you?

Don’t worry, even if you just skimmed through this guide, the one you’ve been waiting for is coming up next!  Stay tuned!


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