3 Reasons I Love Team Fortress 2

Define Fun.

You know a game I feel doesn’t get talked about as much as it should? Team Fortress 2. Valve’s comedic, strategic class-based FPS has entered my heart in ways that games like Call of Duty or Battlefield wish they could enter my wallet. Team Fortress 2 is something different to me.

When I was first given a chance to play it by my cousin, who is a huge PC gamer, I became instantly hooked by the dialogue and the overall tone of the game which is simply pure, unadulterated fun. I feel that with Gotham City Imposters coming out today, being very similar to Team Fortress 2 in its fun/comedy aims, now’s as good a time as any to give you guys the top three reasons I love Team Fortress 2.

Press E to Annoy

#3. The Strategy

– The first time I ever played Team Fortress 2 I was blown away by how (seemingly) easy it was. I thought, “Forget these guys; I’ll destroy them all with the Pyro.” I then proceeded to take about 20 minutes getting absolutely owned. I thought, as I often do, “Why couldn’t I just charge in and set all of these people on fire?”

Then I saw four other dudes go by me and absolutely clean house. Those four were a Medic, a Heavy, a Scout, and a Demoman. The Demoman took out the Engineer’s Sentry that was on top of the base in 2fort, The Heavy had been ubercharged by the Medic and stomped in (Sidenote: When the Medic has 100% on his MediGun he can ubercharge someone, which will make them invincible to damage for a limited time) while the Scout ran by all of the commotion, went into the enemy base and stole the “Intelligence” (Briefcase, being the “flag” in this instance) while the Heavy, Medic, and DemoMan ran distraction.

I heard all of them on my headset talking about what they all needed to do, like these people had been master strategists all of a sudden, and I love that about Team Fortress 2. Sure, there’s strategy involved in Call of Duty and Battlefield, but I don’t see it as often, and I don’t see many people go all “one man army” in Team Fortress 2 and live to tell the tale. Essentially, Team Fortress 2 is a game that is easy to pick up and play, but hard to master.

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#2. The Classes

– One thing that I love about Team Fortress 2 is the utilization of a class-based system and that it creates the need to respond and accommodate for what your teammates are choosing. In total there are 9 classes you can choose from in 3 core groups: Offense, Defense and Support. The offensive core consists of the Scout, Soldier and Pyro. The defensive core includes the Demoman, Engineer and Heavy.  Finally, the support core has a Sniper, Medic and Spy. It seems like so little to choose from, but with the integrated weapons system that you earn as you continue to play, it’s definitely a handful. And it makes you think more when you’re picking your character to play to complement your teammates.

You have a Heavy on your team with no Medic? Bam, that’s you. Pyro in need of an interference? Bonk! It’s Scout Time! I could go on and on like I am right now. The class weapons also help the experience quite a bit. The weapons, like the Heavy’s Sandvich that regenerates 100% health at the end of 4 seconds, are both helpful and hilarious. Upon using Sandvich, the Heavy sits down in the heat of battle, just eating a sandwich, while continually uttering ‘Nom Nom Nom Nom’ for the duration and then yelling “SANDVICH IS DELICIOUS” before returning to combat.

It's staring into my soul...

#1. The Characters

– I talked to you about how great strategy and classes are, but the characters are the number one reason I keep coming back to this game day in and day out. A shout out to the “Meet the” Series by Valve is absolutely needed to show just how great a job they do elaborating on the hilarity of their characters. Meet the Medic, the most recent, is still my favorite. In game, just the way the Heavy says “put dispenser here” elicits hearty belly laughs. While revving up my Gatling gun to throw bullets at the incoming sponges on the enemy Red/Blue team, hearing Heavy just yell “Hyahhhh” had me laughing just as loud as he was.

The simple touches for each character are just plain funny. I’ve pretty much used every word in the book to describe how funny these characters are, and I still feel I haven’t covered it. I genuinely laugh during almost every game of Team Fortress 2 that I play. Whenever the Scout bonks someone with his baseball bat and actually says “Bonk!” it makes me appreciate Valve that much more. The fact that they can put 9 classes into a strategic FPS and make them all actual characters — as opposed to just army vets or killers for hire, not that I’m knocking Call of Duty —  brings something to Team Fortress 2 that hits me the right way. It doesn’t take itself seriously; it has zany, wacky characters and weapons; and it’s just a game that consists of Fun. If you were to look up Fun in the Video Game Dictionary (it’s not real, but damnit it should be!) you’ll see a picture of the Heavy eating his Sandvich saying, “Nom Nom Nom,” while he winks at you.

In case my point hasn’t been clear enough throughout, I absolutely love Team Fortress 2. Now you know why, so you have no excuse not to love it, too!


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