Wakfu: How the French say MMO — Part I: Classes

Le MMO is also acceptable, for all those anal retentive linguists out there. At least Google translate tells me so, and who am I to argue with them? I don’t have a logo or anything to my name. Anyway, the topic of the day is the newly released MMO Wakfu. Figured I’d give my opinion on it so anyone interested can get an idea of what it’s all about. No half-assing this though. I feel I should give a nice thorough article at least once. Next time it’s back to superfluous crap and base humor, I promise.

First and foremost, some background info about the game’s developer and what’s currently going on. The game is currently being distributed by Square Enix, but the actual producers are a company called Ankama. Because our audience is largely American, I’m just going to assume no one has heard of them; as far as I can tell most people get their knowledge of other countries from TV.

International relations as taught in America.

Ankama was founded in 2001 with its subsidiary Ankama Games opening its doors two years later. In the short time they’ve been around they’ve released games, comics, and an animated series, which is also conveniently titled Wakfu. All in all they’ve been fairly successful and one of their previous games, DOFUS (Pronounced Dough-foos), has enjoyed a rather active player base on both sides of the Atlantic. Knowing all this I actually hopped into Wakfu back when it was in closed beta, and let me tell you, it’s been one hell of a ride all the way up to release… But I’m getting ahead of myself again.

Let me break down “The World of 12” for you, starting with the name. There are 12 classes in Wakfu, each gaining their respective powers from one of 12 gods. Wakfu takes place in the same world as DOFUS, just years in the future. There was a flood a la Noah but with fewer giant boats, and now the world is getting back on its feet. That’s where all the players come in. The world went to hell in a hand basket, and now it’s time to restart civilization. In other words, time for money, xenophobia and war. Huzzah!

Now a few things should be noted before continuing. The big thing is that Wakfu is a turn-based tactical mmorpg. It’s a rare breed of game that isn’t for everyone but can be really fun if it’s your thing. Think something akin to Final Fantasy: Tactics. It’s not a perfect parallel but it’s close enough for government work, so if you’re a fan of that type of game play then have I got a game for you. The other big thing is that Ankama love puns. My god do they love puns. Inside jokes too. This will become readily apparent in the class descriptions.


These are going to be in alphabetical order and give a brief intro to what each class is and what they do. Also, feel free to enjoy the official artwork. It’s quite pretty.


If you can’t tell by looking at them, Cras are the archer class. Their deal is long range attacks and battlefield manipulation by way of “beacons” or tiny things that push people around when you hit them. Just like any ranged class, they’re pretty much useless if you manage to get in close to them. But if you play them right, anything will have a hell of a time closing the gap.

The pun: Backwards, Cra is Arc, French for bow.


The resident cat-people Ecaflips are a chance based class. Specifically their abilities revolve around gambling and have a decent chance to either do jack or wedge your boot firmly in your opponents’ colons. The class also randomly draws a tarot card at the beginning of each round with effects ranging from being reduced to 1 life to a 100% increase in damage for yourself and allies. It’s wacky as hell and has serious potential, so for all those lucky people out there, this may be the class for you.

Pun: Backwards, Ecaflip is similar to the French phrase “Pile ou face” or “Heads or Tails”


Heals, heals, and more heals, Eniripsas are the primary support class, specializing in healing allies while still being able to do alright damage. There isn’t much more to say. If you like hanging back and making sure everyone survives, well there you go.

Pun: Backwards, Eniripsa is Aspirine, or Aspirin: ye olde headache medication.


To put it bluntly, the loot-whore class. Specializing in the “prospecting” skill and having a passive that helps drop rates, this is the class for all those people who want awesome loot…which is everyone. As a damage dealer they aren’t too shabby, and they scale pretty well. Basically think of them as a secondary support. They do damage, but their real worth is in helping the group get those hard to find items.

Pun: Backwards, Enutrof is Fortune. *Insert crazy prospector laugh here*


One of the semi-tank classes in the game, Fecas can actually be built in a few ways. While they can be built for damage, they really shine as a tank. From passives that reduce damage to abilities that can stack resistances they can kind of just not care about things hitting them. Again, they also deal a good amount of damage.

Inside Joke: Feca rearranged is Cafe, or coffee. One of the first three classes developed, Ankama decided to name these three after the stuff they ate and drank while working on the game.


Warriors, in simple terms. They’re the go-to “run my face into the enemy until it dies” class. They’re currently one of the best damage dealers, and while they lack defenses for the most part, the sheer damage output is enough to offset that weakness. For once, a melee class isn’t getting the shaft, so for all those people who like to crack skulls and do it barehanded, this one’s for you.

Inside Joke: Iop, shortened from Yoplait. This, too, is one of the first three classes developed.


For a slightly less close up approach, this class has the wonderful option of taming animals and using them in fights. The ability to spam creatures makes it a surprisingly effective class if only because of the veritable torrent of creatures it can throw out. While it can only have one of each kind of creature, there are more than enough different monsters in the game to make up for this.

Pun: Backwards, Osamodas is Sadomaso or “sadism/masochism” which fits spot on with what they do. If you’re young and impressionable, refrain from Googling that.


See that giant bamboo shoot? Yeah, that’s alcohol pouring out of it. Sweet, sweet alcohol. The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems… Which actually sums up Pandawas. Get drunk, beat some face, do it again. They’re another brawler class, kind of like the Iop but with less damage and more wacky gimmicks like creating a giant barrel of booze and then being able to teleport to it. Also they can pick up and chuck allies. Good times.

Pun: Short for Panda warrior, and most likely poking fun at the panda brewmaster in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.


The tank of tanks, this class is an HP juggernaut. Able to pop around like a mad bastard and still deal decent damage, the Sacrier is a great class. With the ability to switch places with a target, pull things toward them or just spring across the battlefield, their mobility makes them invaluable. Turns out being able to toss yourself in front of enemies is useful as a tank. Their damage also increases as they lose life, so if the job is done right their companions are safe and they’re now powered up and beating face. Fans of brick walls on legs, this is your go-to class. Incidentally, back in DOFUS, that black stuff used to be blood. Yeah, their abilities were powered by their own blood. It was changed to tattoos because the god of Sacriers decided it may not be the best idea to have them all, you know, bleeding out constantly.

Pun: Combining the words “Sacrifice” and “Crier” (not the sad kind) in English, it’s appropriate. Their French name is a tad more bad-ass. “Sacrieur”, a combination of “sacrifice” and “rieur” or “One who laughs.” Meaning they jump into a fight, save their comrades pain, and then laugh at your pitiful attempts to hurt them.


Similar to Osomodas in that they’re a summon-based class. The difference is that they don’t tame animals. Instead they bring to life dolls with a variety of abilities. Think “The Puppetmaster”…assuming anyone here even remembers that movie. Regardless, they’re a solid class and there’s a puppet/ability for every occasion. Totems can also be summoned and linked to an enemy like a giant wooden voodoo doll for fun and profit.

Pun: A play on the full name of the Class – Sadida’s Shoes. Flip it and you get Adidas. No real relation to the class; I guess Ankama just loves its footwear.


Assassins with the ability to go invisible, make a double, and lay traps. They get bonuses from attacking enemies from behind and have a few solid mechanics to do so. They’ve got good damage when attacking from behind and in PvP the invisibility is amazing. PvE they’re still decent; they just rely on other classes to tank a bit, which is to be expected of the squishy DPS class.

Inside joke: Sram is an anagram for Mars (company that produces candy/chocolate). This is another one of those first-three, food-based class names.


Pretty frail, what with being mummies and all, Xelors are temporal mages. Their specialty is in lowering initiative and removing AP. In other words, they screw with your bonuses from going fast (initiative) and take away your ability to do things (AP). While damage isn’t too shabby, I think they’ll shine late game when decked out for AP removal. What better way to assure a win than making your opponent just sit there and take it?

Pun: Xelor backwards is Rolex, so you know Xelors are all about the time and money. Bling bling and all that.

Hope this has given a good idea of the World of Twelve and gotten some people interested in the game. In Part 2 I’ll go over the game play, general info and finally what I think about the game as a whole.


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